Monday, February 26, 2007

To freeze or to feed?

Is anyone still out there and reading? Hey... if you are out there and you have ever breast fed I need some advice.

I just started work today and so I'm pumping. Now... tomorrow when I take milk to daycare should I take the stuff in the freezer that I pumped earlier and freeze what I pumped today or take the stuff from today to daycare tomorrow and leave the stuff in the freezer?

Does it matter?

Friday, February 16, 2007


That is the best way to describe what the first few weeks are like with a newborn. I feel like all I get done is the essentials. Take care of the emergencies, put out the major fires and move on with your day.

When I started this whole process I thought for sure that by week three my house would be spotless and I would be chomping at the bit to have some work to do or SOMETHING to fill my time. Guess what... not the case at all.

My house is still a mess and I haven't done any work at home for my job in the entire five weeks I have been here. I suppose if I had stayed home all day every day I may have gotten more done but it had just seemed like there has been so much to do.

I have met a couple of my friends for lunches and been to my mom's house half a dozen times and other than that it's mostly just trying to sleep and take care of Zack. (i.e. as I am typing his hour nap just turned into a half hour nap because somewhere in the back of his mind he KNEW mom was trying to do SOMETHING other than pay attention to him...)

Okay.. I am now typing one handed while I feed him.....

Which is another reason I'm getting nothing done. Most days he will eat every two to three hours. So if you figure it takes 20-30 minutes to feed him, change him, etc. Then that only leaves an hour and a half to do anything. Take out the time that he is crying because he is gassy, bored, overly tired, etc. and my "free" time is quickly dwindling!!

Honestly I must say I give serious props to stay at home parents. I have yet to be bored and I only have one week left!!

So, for those of you still reading wondering if I am alive. Yes, I'm here. Just be glad you can't see me in my two day old clothes and milk stained bra!! I return to work on the 26th so maybe I can find time to post then. Preferably with both hands next time!! :-)