Monday, July 31, 2006

Shopping, the final saga of the trilogy

I am happy to report that this final adventure is by far the happiest and the most self-esteem boosting trip. After the bad luck I had the week before when my friend Katie called last Friday and asked if I wanted to go shopping I almost told her no.

Fortunately for her that morning as I was getting dressed I had noticed that my button up shirt was getting a little snug in the waist area. It only had about a quarter of an inch before it would no longer be able to be buttoned. So, I already knew that I would have to do some shopping sometime soon.

I also knew that our budget did not allow for large amounts of clothing. So, I decided I would try to shop the sale racks and get as much for my money as possible. Unfortunately, that didn't go as well as planned. It was just SO nice to find clothes that fit me well and in all the right places that I wanted to buy them. I was also able to fit into mediums which totally boosted my self esteem and only furthered my desire to buy these wonderful clothes!

When the 2 hour shopping excursion was done I did end up going a little over budget, but I figure if I need to, I will pull that money out of savings. Isn't it worth it to have clothes that fit you well and make you feel wonderful??

Shopping, Part 2

Well... this trip was marginally better than the first shopping attempt while pregnant. I didn't have to wander for 5 hours through 3 malls and I was not made to look at overly thin, cute girls in dresses I will NEVER fit into again.

However, it still posed the same problem as before. I'm not really comfortable with the changes that are happening to my midsection at the moment. I think if I was shopping for actual maternity clothes, this would be different because they are supposed to fit someone whose stomach is much rounder than the rest of her. But as it is, trying to fit my ever growing midsection into a small little bridesmaid dress just doesn't work all that well.

Almost everything they had in the store was a 10. Now as anyone who has shopped for wedding or bridesmaid dresses knows, most of the time these things run small. Since in NORMAL times, I usually wear between an 8 and a 10 who wants to take bets on how many of these dresses actually fit around my mid-section. Anyone? Anyone? Yes... that's right... NONE!!

The girls that work in the shop tried to squeeze me into the first dress that I had on. It took two of them to get the zipper zipped. One held the top and the other one yanked. Yup... feeling great here... thanks!! After that, I decided that there was no need to torture myself when I could just hold them in the back and Lindsay could get the effect. Besides, my niece was with us and so once she found one she liked we had her try it on to make sure she liked it after it was zipped!!

After the uncomfortable half naked dress event, I got dressed in my regular clothes and the lady measured me. Apparently my top puts me between an 8 and a 10, my hips put me in a 10 but my middle puts me at a 16. I suppose that explains the zipper problems!! I went ahead and ordered the 14 knowing that they could take it in but it would also help me not to feel like I HAD to starve myself in the seven months after the baby is born. Of course my mother was appalled that I would order that large of a size. She didn't think there was any way I would need larger than at 12. I'm crossing my fingers that she is right, but I'd rather it be way to big than way to small!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shopping with the Barbies

First and foremost, for those of you following along at home I have updated the babies website and am now pretty caught up with "growing pains" stories. Now, on to the real reason for this post. For over a week I have been alluding to the fact that I have some shopping stories for you. Some of these details have been on the baby's site, but I've added to them so you may have to pick through or just read the whole thing. I'm going to break this into three posts because some of the stories are kind of long.

We will start with my first DISASTROUS trip. It happened last Saturday, no not that one... the one before. That day will forever be remembered as the day that I realized that just because I am pregnant, my body image issues have not flown as far out the window as I would have hoped.

That morning, while looking at wedding invitations, my father in law (FIL from now on to save typing) mentioned to me that he would like me to stand up in his wedding. This was new to me, because I thought that I would be the kid wrangler during the wedding, which I was perfectly content with. However, he had decided that he wanted me to stand up with their 5 other bridesmaids (another story for another day) because he had added a groomsmen and wanted things to be symmetrical.

Seeing as how my SIL, her husband, and Jake were all standing up in the wedding I felt bad telling him no so I just agreed. I figured if nothing else it would be an excuse for me to buy a cute maternity dress. After he asked me he also mentioned that the girls were planning on going and looking at dresses that afternoon and would also like to know if I was free.

Let me preface this by saying, I HATE to shop. H-A-T-E HATE!! I am a go in, get what I need and get the hell out kind of shopper. So when he asked me all I could think of was find and excuse, find an excuse. Unfortunately I didn't have one. I was meeting my friend Katie for lunch at noon but after that I really wasn't doing anything besides sitting at home watching movies. Can I use that as an excuse??

Begrudgingly I told him I was free and proceeded to ask Karen (the fiance) how long this little shopping trip was going to last. Her answer, oh just a couple of hours. We don't want to be gone too long. So, I figured two or three hours, I can do two or three hours right? So, after lunch I went back to Keith's house to meet with Karen and three of her four girls and begin the dress shopping.

Luckily I like these people. They are all really nice and really sweet so I didn't figure that a few hours with them was any big deal. Plus, they seemed to have a plan. There was a store that they wanted to go to called D.E.B. that had all different sizes of dresses. Unfortunately when we all got in the car that plan seemed to fly out the window. D.E.B. is in a mall close to us but their idea was to go to the mall farthest away and then hit the one in the middle and finally the one closest to us.

You can see where this is going can't you. Stop it... Stop laughing at me. Do you want me to continue? Then pull yourself together, get up off the floor and stop that cackling!!

By this point I was already high jacked so I figured I should at least add another hour to my time. We entered the first mall through Van Maur and immediately they were sidetracked by the clearance shoe room. Did I mention to you that I don't shop?? Okay, just checking. I own 5 pairs of shoes. TOTAL. One black, one brown, one black pair of sandals, one brown pair of sandals and a pair of tennis shoes. Until we went on vacation, I owned 3 pairs of shoes, two of which I've owned for probably 3 years. (No, that is not a joke.)

Once I finally got them free of the shoe room we made it into the actual mall. Unfortunately between Van Maur and our actual destination there were no fewer than two shoe stores at least one of which we had to enter because after all we were going to need shoes for this dress that no one owned yet and we didn't even know what looked like.

By the time we made it to Younkers to look at ACTUAL dresses we had been in the mall for over an hour. So we get there and make it to the sale racks. They decide that they dresses in women's are too "matronly" and so over to the junior section we go. Their selection was not great and all the dresses that these girls liked would NOT have looked good on my SIL or me.

Finally we decided to head to another mall and look for dresses at Dillards. Of course before we left I had to buy an ice cream cone because I am only so strong and they, of course, had to look at one more shoe store, or was it two. (These girls really have a problem.)

Once we arrived at Dillards they all headed straight for the sale racks in the juniors department. Knowing that NOTHING there was going to fit me and that they had yet to listen to me when I told them that no, your SIL nor I will NOT feel comfortable in a dress that barely covers our ass and is tight throughout the waist, I just sat on the floor and let them look.

Now when we started, I was told that we were just going to pick a color and "style" of dress and then everyone was on their own. I figured this way I could wait until next month and then get a cute little maternity dress. However, some time during the day that plan went terribly awry. They found all of these little cocktail dresses that were similar in style but different colors and decided that they just had to try them on. We could all get different colors and wouldn't that be fun?

Let me just say, once again for the record, that it is a good thing that I like these people. The oldest is a size 0, the next a size 3 and the third might have been pushing... gasp... a size 6!! My SIL and I... we are NOT size 0's. Every dress they tried on was tight in the waist showing off their flat stomachs and adorably cute figures. So consequently, every time they came out of those dressing rooms in those cute little barbie dresses I just wanted to cry. First of all, I remember a time when I would have fit into them and looked good, and second of all, I knew that time is NOT going to be in two months.

Finally one of the girls tried on a baby doll type dress that was black and very cute. Now that would not look bad on me when I got bigger nor would it look bad on Molly. HOWEVER, it was not on sale, and one of the girls was not all that keen on black so we pressed on. Over an hour later we emerged from Dillards, still bridesmaid dressless.

Finally we headed toward the third mall. This is the mall that contains the store that we had originally set out to look at and this is the mall where they finally picked this dress. Now this is a cute dress, and it will look good on my sister-in-law, who is not a size 0 and also on these girls who are toothpicks. In fact I'm pretty sure it will look good on anyone who is not, oh shall we say PREGNANT!!

See the problem with this dress is that it is fitted down to about an inch above the belly button. I am already starting to show, and it is not all staying below my belly button. After watching these girls try on smalls and mediums I was a little intimidated and not feeling really all that great about my growing waist line. I put on a Large and it fit, but that's all. It fit just right. In two months.... who knows. So, I ended up buying a 1X and praying that it will still fit me. I need to look at the receipt and see what the return policy is on those dresses and then try it on right before the time I can return it to make sure it still fits.

Luckily Karen used to alter wedding dresses, so she can take in the boob area which I'm sad to say I DO NOT fill out and probably will have no hope of ever filling out... in this life time. Finally we left D.E.B. dresses in hand. When we pulled out of the parking lot it was 7:10. We started this great shopping adventure at 2:00. You do the math!!

As we pulled out on to the main street Karen says, "There is this shoe store on the way home that we could stop at....." All I have to say is it's a good thing those girls said no. Things might have gotten ugly!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Belly Pictures

Okay Tink... since you asked I will oblige you with pictures. Although I warn you... I am not to that cute belly stage yet, I am more in that is she pregnant or is she just eating too many twinkies stage.
This is my belly at 4 weeks 3 days. At the time, I thought I was big. Now I look back and think that was a pretty small belly!!

This is a picture of us on vacation when I was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant. I look at this picture and all I can think is... retain water much??

Then finally, here is my belly tonight at 15 weeks 1 day. Notice the rediculously stupid looks on my face. Yeah... that's the usual look of shock and bewilderment I wear lately. As in aliens have invaded my body, please help me!! :-)

So are you all happy now? Not too much to look at yet.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bad Blogger

Please accept my sincerest apologies for what I can only describe as my BAD blogging lately. I really have no excuses except that every time I think about something good to post about I actually have work to do and then when I get time my brain is all mushy. I have shopping stories to write about from last weekend (yes like over a week ago) and also from last week. However, since no is not going to be the time to blog about them I will tide you over with baby news.

On Thursday I had my 14 week appointment. They said all of my blood tests from last time came back fine. What that means I have no idea because I am a BAD pregnant person and I did not bring a notebook to take notes and make them tell me about every test they did because let's face it... if they say it's fine that's about all of the medical lingo I'm going to understand anyway. I have another appointment in two weeks for an AFP test which tests for Spina Bifida and Down Syndrome and then my regular appointment in four weeks.

For those of you who are going to question my decision to have this test, please know that we did not come to this decision without a little thought. No, the results of the test will not change our outcome but it will help me, super planner that I am, to get the best prenatal care I can and also to be better prepared for what challenges may lie ahead. I want my baby's birthday to be a super joyous day and I think it will put a worry cloud over it if we are not prepared. Nuff said?

The heartbeat was around 148 which just further supports my theory that I'm having a boy!! (I know, it's too early to tell. A girl I work with said her daughter's heartbeat was around 150 so I'm just guessing here.)

Other than that, things are going great and since I have been so sick I have been given permission by my doctor to eat whatever stays down. He said the baby will get what it needs from me so I should just eat what I can. (I know... within limits.) Mmmm... Cheetos!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hotter than H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Do people in hell have 112 degree heat?

Because if not...

I fear we may have pissed someone off...........

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Second Hand, Second Best?

On Wednesday, yes... I know I'm a week behind, I went wedding dress shopping with my sister. Well she shopped, I just oohed and awwed. Anyways, there was this girl there who was trying on a wedding dress that I tried on four years ago when I was dress shopping.

So, my dad brought up this point: Why is there no second hand market for wedding dresses? Obviously if they have the same style in a store for four years it is not all about the changes in fashion. Also, they are SOO expensive new, you think people would just be flocking to save money but this does not seem to be the case.

I think it may have something to do with every woman wanting her dress to be "her own" and no one else's. Personally my dress is in a box in my closet. I will probably never wear it again and may only look at it once or twice if my kids ask. But, I did the same thing that lots of people do. I just couldn't bear to part with it so I had it cleaned and stuffed into a box to gather dust in my closet. Makes sense doesn't it?

So, here's your discussion topic for the day. What is your opinion as to why there is very little market for second hand wedding dresses? If you are married, did you even consider looking for one or was it new all the way? Finally, where is your dress now? (Or your mom's or sister's or friend's if you are not married.)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Daycare Dilemma

Today I went to two different daycares to get tours and try to pick somewhere to send the munchkin. My first beef... both of these centers have waiting lists of one year. How am I supposed to call and sign up one year in advance? That would mean I would have to sign up before I ever become pregnant. Does this seem strange to anyone but me?

Okay, now on to my conundrum. I liked both of these centers. The prices are similar ($5 difference per week) and they are both approximately the same distance from my house. There are only a few small differences, but things I think could make or break the decision.

Center #1: Large and only about 10 years old. The door is locked when you come in and the parents get a punch code to enter in and open the door to go back to drop off or pick up their child. The class size is not too large (8 infants age 6 weeks to 6 months, 8 infants age 6 months to walking, etc.) but the teachers did not really seem all that engaged in the children. Now, I went at 1:00 so it was nap time in a lot of the rooms and that could have something to do with it.

My biggest turn off, was I made an appointment with the director's assistant to meet with the director today and when I got there she was not there. So, one of the college students showed me around but I didn't get to ask some of my specific questions nor was I given a handbook of rules and regulations, etc.

The biggest thing I like about this center is the quality of the activities. They go on field trips a lot, some of the older school age classes are up to 4 days per week. They also have large play yards and the four year old room had in it what I can only describe as a two story wooden fort. So, if I take the munchkin there, they would have opportunities to do many things as they grow.

Center #2: Smaller center, housed in an old church. The door is not locked but all of the teachers seem to be aware if someone new enters as the front door goes by the office and the back door goes into the school age room. When you come in there is a sign in sheet that they check every day to make sure each child is signed in and out so everyone is accounted for. The class size is not too large (8 infants age 6 weeks to 6 months, 8 infants age 6 months to 18 months, etc.). I went to this center at 2:00 so most of the children were still napping or just waking up from nap.

My biggest turn off, was that the equipment is older and there is not as much diversity. The playground was just remodeled but it is still not large. Some of the rooms did not appear to have many toys in them and I would worry that as the child gets older (school age) they would be bored at this center.

The biggest thing I like about this center is the teachers. They seem to be older and more established and they all seemed much more interactive with the children. Also, the assistant director that showed me around really did a great job of explaining how things work and making me feel at ease. They go on field trips at this center but I think that they are limited to 2 or 3 days a week.

So, here's where I'm confused. On the way home from the second center the director called from Center #1 and apologized for her absence and also told me that they do have an opening in the beginning of March and for a $25 registration fee they can guarantee me a spot. I also paid a $30 registration fee to Center #2 but they could not guarantee me a spot until June. They said something MAY open up sooner, but that was their guarantee for now.

I think until we decide which one we want to go with I will pay the other registration fee and then we will have a guaranteed spot. So, here's where you come in. What is more important the wonderful vibe I got about the teachers at Center #2 or the "stuff" at Center #1? Personally I am leaning towards #2, but they can't guarantee me a spot.

It's not that I got a bad vibe at Center #1. I think that the munchkin will be adequately cared for and not in any danger if I take them there, I just feel like Center #2 is more "homey." As I write this I am kind of convincing myself except for the they can't take me until June problem.

So, I'm just going to stop now and open up the floor. Even if you don't have children or have never had to make this choice because you stayed home I'm still interested in everyone's opinion. What do you think is the most important thing to look for in a center? What is the least important?

Why didn't I think of that?

First a small request. The people whom I'm about to vent about are my close friends and or family members. Please don't attack them in the comments. I love all of these people very much and so I will not tell you who they are to protect their identity. The things they have said, I'm sure, were not meant to be hurtful. However, I do need to vent about a few things, because whether they know it or not what they say hurts my feelings or just plain angers me (mostly because I am so close to these people and let's face it, I'm overly hormonal) Okay... nuff said.

#1) "I hope you are going to loose all of that baby weight before my wedding. I don't want any fat people in my wedding."

#2) "You know that dog smells like dog." (This is unusual only because he is usually showered 2-4 times a week and generally smells like shampoo)

"I don't smell anything."

"Oh well maybe it's a heightened smell thing with pregnancy."

"You don't smell him... it's all in your head"

"Enough you two, you don't need to fight. You know you don't have to talk about your pregnancy all the time like I do this because I'm pregnant, etc."

Okay.. you ask me how I am. For 6 weeks I have been hanging my head over the toilet or been in bed because.... HELLO.... I'm pregnant. Would you prefer I just say I'm wonderful. I'm been sitting on the couch eating bon bons? From now on... no mention. I'll just discuss with other people.

#3) "You know you wanted to be pregnant and now you're complaining about it."

"Yes, I wanted to be pregnant... I didn't want to be sick."

"Well, you asked for it. What did you think would happen. You need to just stop complaining about it and deal with it."

See aforementioned DON'T ASK HOW I'VE BEEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Oh, with a side of no one in our family including our mother was sick so I was not sure what to expect.

AND FINALLY... as always... I've saved the best for last....

#4) "So I suppose the fact that I've been hanging my head over the toilet for 6 weeks is all in my head."

"You're only sick because you don't eat right."

You hear that girls. If you don't want to be sick all you have to do is stick to vegetables and fruit. Oh wait... I threw those up do... dang the luck!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Mmmm... Blueberry mini muffins....

I'm on my second package in an hour.

Does that mean I'm cured?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Week End Review

It has been brought to my attention that my absence from this website is very uncharacteristic of me and I have received a few e-mails inquiring as to my safety and health. I'm alive, rest assured. The problem has really been that nothing note worthy has happened to me over these past 10 days.

Of course those things that are note worthy tend to fall into the TMI category. With several of them bordering on TMFI. However, since you all have asked, I’m going to tell. Consider this your warning you may want to just turn off you computer screen now.

Still with me? Alright… don’t say you weren’t warned. First and foremost I have updated the baby’s website. I have this wonderful knack for remembering small meaningless details so I was able to create the back entries without much difficulty. Now ask me about the big important things and I probably have no idea but what did I eat two years ago when I went to the state fair… I could probably tell you.

Now, on to what’s been happening with me. Let’s see on the 30th I was sick. I went on a boat (because no one ever said I was smart) and the rocking back and forth amazingly did not help me to feel any better. That weekend, you guessed it… still feeling crappy. Of course for the weekend I got the added bonus of getting to sit on the toilet the correct way when I was ill. Like I told someone who asked, I’ve been sick every day, it just depends on they day which end is over the toilet. (See… I told you to stop reading about two paragraphs ago!!)

By Monday I had not thrown up in two days and was feeling pretty proud of myself. I was a little tired, but other than that thought that I had made it to 12 weeks and should certainly be feeling a whole lot better soon. Of course the munchkin had his/her own plan about that one. I proceeded to get sick Monday night and continued to go down hill all day Tuesday.

By Tuesday night at 8:00 I could no longer keep anything down. No liquids, no solids, nothing. Since I had eaten and drank so very little anyway all day on Tuesday by the time I went to bed my head was hurting and I knew if I couldn’t get anything down in the morning I would have to call the doctor.

When I woke up on Wednesday I decided to try saltines. One saltine down, one saltine right back up. It was at that point I knew two things. First of all, I wasn’t going to work and second of all if I didn’t call the doctor and get some medicine for this I was going to be in big trouble. I called the doctor’s office at 8:15 but they didn’t call back until 9:30.

Once the nurse heard the problem she said she needed to talk to the doctor and she would call me back. Another 15 minutes later she called and told me she would be calling in a prescription for me. Of course, since I couldn’t keep ANYTHING down they couldn’t give me an oral medicine. What’s that you ask? Yes… you read right. I can’t take it orally dear!!

I could tell that they pharmacy tech was kind of uneasy when she was telling me how to administer the medicine but that that point, I would stick whatever where ever just to be able to eat again. Now see, right about now you’re wishing you had heeded my advice and just stopped reading at the beginning of the story. But you didn’t did you? And now these words will be burned on the back of your eyeballs for months!!

Luckily while the medicine SUCKS to take it works WONDERS!! By 1:00 I was able to eat something and began drinking large quantities of Gatorade to try to replenish electrolytes and get rid of my awful headache. The medicine only has one side effect and that is that it makes you pretty tired. So I slept from 3:00 until 6:30, got up took more medicine, ate and went back to bed at 9:00.

By Thursday I figured my 5 day weekend was probably enough and maybe I should work for two days. Of course since I had been gone for 5 days I had tons of things to get done, hence the reason I wasn’t able to spend all day updating all of you on my condition. I have not had to take more medicine since Wednesday and have been slowly feeling better and better every day.

Today marks the beginning of 13 weeks so maybe I will finally get to start experiencing that wonderful second trimester everyone talks about.

So, there you have it. That is all you missed. Not much huh? You can now return to trying to banish all of those images that I just gave you from your mind!!