Thursday, September 04, 2008

Daycare Conversations

M: We have to get ready so we can go to daycare.

Z: No

M: But you like daycare. You will get to play with all of your friends.

Z: Play?

M: Yes you will get to play at daycare.

Z: Eat?

M: Yes, I'm sure they will let you eat at daycare.

Z: Toast?

M: Yes, I'm sure they will let you have toast at daycare.

Z: Go. Eat Toast.... (Pulling my finger leading me out the door....)


Daycare Lady: Oh Heather, I wanted to let you know that we will be moving Zack up this month.

H: But he's only 20 months. Isn't that the two year old room?

DL: Yeah, but he's bored in the 1 year old room. He's starting to be naughty because he's bored.

H: But isn't he still kind of young?

DL: No, he's pretty smart. It gives him a good challenge and he's been playing in there really well when we let him visit this week. He's ready.

H: But I'm not ready!

DL: I don't think you ever get ready.


Aunt Becky said...

He can't be 20 months now! Wow. Time flies.

Todd said...

Try having your kid have full conversation with you and be starting 2nd grade!!! I don't even have to "dumb down" things anymore!

anymommy said...

Go eat toast is a mission I can get behind daily! My first visit, I love your header and about me write up - so funny. That's exactly how I feel most days, except, sadly, I don't actually live on a farm.

Also, I think she's right, I know I'll never be ready.

Anonymous said...

You never are, but they are... but look at it this way, growing up means soon he won't be in diapers anymore, and that's a huge $$ savings in and headache gone!!!