Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where have I been?

Nesting people... nesting.

Who would have thought that all of those people weren't kidding when they told me I would have this uncontrollable urge to have things in perfectly pristine order right this minute or everything would be ruined and the baby will surely be irreparably damaged?

So, for about a week and a half now I have been cleaning out drawers and cupboards. The DAV people came and took 5 boxes, 2 bags of clothes and an end table today. I think I will have more by next week.

I have washed every piece of clothing that we have for the baby up through 12 months. I have washed all of the hooded towels and wash cloths. Receiving blankets and other blankets. I have sterilized every plastic toy that we have gotten second hand with clorox wipes and placed them all in their sorted little cubes.

On top of all of that Jess has been over trying to get the baby's room in order and I have been trying to keep up on the regular household cleaning. I have discovered that cleaning up after my husband is a lot like shoveling your driveway in the middle of a blizzard. You move some things and it looks nice for a little while but inevitably more stuff just piles in the same place as before. WOULD IT PLEASE STOP SNOWING ALREADY??

So... I hope all of you are well and hopefully in another week or two I will have nothing left to clean, or I will be so big and uncomfortable that I will just give up. Either way... I hope not to be away for too much longer!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Crib Assembly 101

My first rule of advice... never send an amateur to do a professionals job.

Last night Jake and I decided we were going to put the crib together. Sounds easy enough. When we picked it up from Matt & Danettes we were shown the handy little instructions on the bottom of the board that goes under the mattress.

Looked simple enough and pretty straight forward. So last night, upstairs we go. We pull out those handy instructions and the first thing Jake notices is that there are two support beams to hold the mattress up. We only have one. So we call Danette.

She looks in her basement. No luck. She looks in Bryce's room. No luck. We hang up with her promising to continue looking and get back to me.

So, I call the car dealership that has my jeep thinking maybe we loaded it into the jeep and just never unloaded it. They send someone out to check the back of my jeep. In the time I am waiting I somehow get transferred to someone's voice mail so I hang up.

As I'm getting ready to call back Danette calls. She has spoken to Matt and he only remembers there being one support beam when they took the crib apart. So, I head back upstairs where I discover that in fact there are two support beams, but since the crib had been previously assembled one of them was left attached to the front of the crib so that is why we only had one loose one.

Feeling rather stupid I decide I should at least call back the car dealership. So I do and I play dumb. Oh... it's not in my jeep. Okay, well thank you for looking.

After I get off the phone with them Matt calls. I sheepishly admit to him that no, no parts are missing, we just didn't know where to look. At this point Jake comes back upstairs and within 10 minutes we have the whole crib put together.

Really, just as simple as everyone said it would be.... once we became smarter than the furniture that is!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Starting with a Bang

So, yesterday began my 30th week of pregnancy. In honor of this momentous occasion I decided to end my day with a bang. You know like the bang that the front of my jeep makes when it hits the back of a very large dodge truck.

What's that? That expression is not supposed to be taken so literally? Well now you tell me!!

Yes, you read that right, at 30 weeks I rear ended someone. You know at this rate I might be able to catch up to Jake in the worlds worst driver category. What is my excuse? I have none. Call it a case of Monday head up ass syndrome.

I was coming down a hill about 5 miles from my house and at the bottom of the hill was a car turning to go into a workout place. There were several vehicles lined up behind the car and I just didn't see that they were stopped until it was too late.

As for damages, my jeep is obviously worse off than his truck. I think there are some scratches on his bumper. The truck sits so high that I ended up going right into his tow package. So my bumper is cracked, my grille is cracked and something funky is going on with my horn.

When I push the button to lock my doors it makes this sad sort of whimper. About how I feel each time I look at the front of the jeep so maybe it's a sympathy whimper. It is drivable but Progressive has this quick fix program that I fully intend to take advantage of so that hopefully it will be fixed within a week or so.

Then the problem? Coming up with the $500 deductible to fix it. I just paid my $330 deductible to the doctors office today for the delivery fee. (His website is updated if you are interested in how the appointment went)

Oh yes, and last but certainly not least... the little man. As far as I can tell he is fine. I am obsessive about pushing my seat belt down below my belly about 10 times on my way home so from what I can tell it was appropriately positioned. Of course when I got home he was not bouncing around so all sorts of things were running through my head.

Luckily we rented a fetal doppler at the beginning of the pregnancy so I immediately pulled that out and let me tell you, any thoughts I had of sending that back before the end of the pregnancy were quickly thrown out the window. I called the doctor just for good measure but he said as long as the baby is moving and I don't have any regular contractions, bleeding or loss of fluid he should be fine.

It's amazing that while I know he is probably safe in his fluid home right now I so wanted him to be here so I could look him over, check for cuts and bruises and watch him breath. One of the worst parts of the whole thing is knowing that I just have to trust that he is fine, I can't see him to know.

So anyhow, one damaged vehicle, one fine little man... I think I'll take that outcome over anything worse any day.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ummm.... yeah...

Police search for a wanted Warren County Man

That's him... they still haven't caught him yet so I'm not going to give you the whole story just yet... but um.. yeah...