Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dissolving into a puddle of tears

My sweet little boy had his first bout of separation anxiety this morning. I know it is because he got up at 6:00 and we changed him, dressed him and I walked into the door at daycare at 6:35. He was tired and he wanted some extra cuddle time and he didn't get it.

I'm aware of the logical reasons for him to cry when I go to leave and for him to cling to me like a spider monkey.


It doesn't make it any easier. I had to fight the urge to turn the car around, go back to daycare and just take him home with me.

The. whole. way. to. work.

Only 69 more days of tax season.....


Kbreints said...

Yeah... poor thing (you) he got over it the minute you left the place-- I promise!

Sam thankfully has been in & now out of that faze-- I am sure that we will go through it again though.

Jennifer said...

One thing I remember Lennon's first pre-school teacher telling me when he clung to me and cried was, "They have to at least try." and I thought, "Fair enough."

And it is true, that most kids quit crying the moment the first distraction happens. The daycare would let you know if he is crying all day, I would think.

Lily is in Pre-K now and still has many days when she cries, reaches out for me, and all other kinds of dramatics. The advice I have always followed is to be matter of fact, have a ritual you do right before you leave (hug, kiss, hug or sing a song followed by a kiss on the cheek) and then leave with a smile on your face and don't linger. Otherwise it reinforces their anxiety if you are anxious, too. As my kids have gotten older I tell them, "I know you miss Mommy during the day and I miss you too." and NOT followed by the inevitable "BUT" (Mommy has to work, you need to be around other kids, etc). Just the statement of the fact that we miss each other.

So hang in there and know that they have to "at least try" to pull those old heart strings.