Friday, February 08, 2008

Mailing the Thank You's

Two weeks later... possibly three or four... I loose count

We had this discussion over on Gift of Gab about how long it takes to hand write an envelope and whether it is better to hand write or to type them.

Personally I am all about using modern conveniences so I type things when I can but apparently there are some that feel if you can't hand write it don't bother. Really, I'm not up for re-hashing that whole discussion. We did that once.

What I'm saying is I hand wrote them. All 25 of them and then I put them together to bring to work so I could address them. (All my addresses are in excel). And here at work is where they have sat since that point.

My excuses have been I don't have time, I would get busy and then it would be after 5:00 and I would figure that they weren't going out today anyway so I would just address them tomorrow. I would take them home and they would just stare at me as I watched my favorite TV programs or worked on the computer.

Actually, these thank you's and I have become quite good friends and I will be sad to see them go. But going they are. Today, in the mail, if at all possible. And next time, maybe I'll get them out within three weeks instead of four. (Hey you gotta start with small goals...)


Jessica said...

I did notice the Thank You you sent me for Spike's Christmas gift was handwritten!!

I thought it was very nice!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping you handwrote the inside of the thank you, and if you did that, then printing the outside would definitely be acceptable! Just so long as something is personalized!

OMH said...

Hey in this day and age a Thank You note period makes my day! (It can be 3 to 4 months later and I'd still be hehehehe THANKFUL!)