Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Because NOTHING says fun quite like a trip to the emergency room. I swear Friday night is when everyone thing oohh.. that kind of hurts. The doctor's office is closed I better go to the emergency room.

In hindsight I think maybe it is a parent's right of passage. Perhaps once, every year, on a Friday (last year it was early Friday, this year it was later Friday) I must trudge out to the emergency room just to keep me on my toes. Yesterday just happened to be that Friday.

I stayed home with Zack yesterday because he was feeling under the weather. Basically I spent the whole morning on the couch with a child clinging to me like a spider monkey. And if you know my child, you will know this is NOT like him at all. He is usually far to busy to stop and even sit with me let alone cling to me.

So about 10:30 I finally go the call back from the ENT (there was drainage from one of his ears so I called them) and she said to bring him in at 1:40. He pretty much slept all morning either on me or in bed (when I could get him to lay there) but still when we got to the doctors office he was laying his head on my shoulder.

He took a quick look in his ears and pronounced them clear. Then he opened his mouth and


We have tonsillitis. WTF??

First Strep Throat

Then Bronchilitus (this was last week's adventure)

And now Tonsillitis.

Really... is it too much to ask for a healthy child. Just for a little while??

So I went to the pharmacy and I got his medicine while my mom let him cling to her for a little while. When I got back 45 minutes later the Motrin had done its job and he was up walking around. (It was either the Motrin or the ice cream)

So about 3:45 we headed home because I could see he was getting tired. He fell asleep in the car and I put hm into bed. Then at about 5:00 he woke up screaming. I knew then that it couldn't be good. I went up to get him and could tell right away that he was burning up. I took his temperature and I thought that I read it wrong. 104.5. So, I immediately called the doctor. Or rather the answering service.

I was very polite, I didn't panic. I just calmly mentioned that I needed a doctor or a nurse to call me back and tell me how high was too high. So she asked me, what is his fever now. 104.5.

"I'm patching you through to a doctor."

Never a good sign. That doctor told me that he was concerned and he thought we should go to the hospital. When I left the house it was up to 104.7. We got to the emergency room, checked in and then too his temperature there. 104.2. They then gave him a double dose of Tylenol and we waited with all the other lovely people. Like the woman across from us who's baby had a temperature of 101.5. Honey if we were at 101.5 I would have been at home in my PJ's!!

Finally we got back to the room and after another 20 minutes or so they took his temperature again and it was still 103. So we waited some more and finally after about 45 minutes in walks this woman doctor. A woman whom I can only describe as perhaps the wife or relative of this man, whom I saw last year. Look I try REALLY hard not to be stereotypical but I am REALLY striking out with the Indian doctors.

She asked why we were there and we told her and then she gave me this look and said, ok... so why are you hear? If it is a viral infection there is nothing we can do and if it is bacterial then he is already on antibiotics so the course of treatment will not change. Now if you want me to stick your child and do a blood test I can but it will not change the course of treatment so I don't think that's necessary. Just keep giving him fluids and if anything changes call us.

Really.. that's it. She acted like I was a complete idiot for bringing my child to the hospital with a fever of 104.

So we waited around a little more for the Tylenol to do it's job. His fever went down to 101.5 he started acting normal, or semi-normal, again and we were on our way home.

Boy do we know how to have a good time on a Friday night or what?!?!


darkship said...

um, yeah.... I think I'd be the emergancy room too with a temp that high. I think the Dr. is more of the idiot there!!! Hope he gets better soon

Kbreints said...

I am tired of all the sickness too. I don't think that it is going to stop any time soon though. Darn it! It seems like we get a few weeks rest and then BAM! it hits us again. ERRRR

Becky said...

Poor ickle dude! Feel better soon.