Thursday, June 05, 2008


Bloglines... Bloglines... how do I love thee... let me count the ways....

Do any of you use this? I just started yesterday and I tell you, it is revolutionizing my blog following. Instead of having all of my blogs in my favorites and having to visit each one separately to see if they've updated I just go to my bloglines. If anyone has new content it tells me and I click and link and boyola, I'm at that blog.

Right now, after two days of work, I have all 66 of my blogs in there. Yes, you read that right, I read 66 blogs. Whew... no wonder I only get to most people's like once a week. But now... now, no longer. Now I don't have to visit 60 blogs just to have the page load and see that the same content is there that was there 2 days ago. Now I can just click on my bloglines account and see in a mater of moments who has updated and who has not. Visit the few blogs that are updated and move on with my day.

This could become a problem. I've gained so much time now that I'm not trying to visit all of those blogs I might have time to read just a few more. Any you can recommend?? ;-)


Aunt Becky said...

I love google reader for the same reasons.

It's given me my life back.

(okay, I'm kidding. But it's handy!)

Lisa said...

You are welcome to read mine:

Of course, I am rather boring :)