Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Two weeks ago we de-binkied my son. Things have been going really well. He asks for it once and awhile and we just tell him it is all gone.

However, last night we had our usual babysitter, who hadn't been there in two weeks, and we forgot to tell her about the whole binkie thing. So he asked, and she found the spare one under the changing table and gave it to him.

SO... my question to any of you who have ever been through this, how long will the screaming last this evening?

He asked for it over and over again this morning (we took it away as soon as we got home) and we just told him all gone. He seemed ok with that but I'm not sure he's going to be so ok with it when it comes to bed time tonight.

Should I hunker down for another two hour screaming fest? I'm not sure my ears can handle it. Please tell me one of you had this happen and it was no big deal..... please..... :-)


kbreints said...

You should have thrown them away

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't stress too much over it. He's what... a year and a half? He may not even remember he had it last night, and if he does I'd just try to distract him with something else. Worked wonders with my 3!

Lindsey said...

There's no way to get them all. Xavier has been binki free for almost 2 years. I just found two of his binkis in the back window of my car!

Both my kids found binki's after we kicked the habit. Do not go back to it. If he does scream it won't be for near as long as he's been putting himself to sleep without it for the past two weeks.

Lynanne said...

How did it go? I've heard of moms cutting the tip off the binky and telling the child its "broken." This might be more traumatic though. Good luck!

darkship said...

Wish I had some advice but my kid never took to one! Guess he figured if he was sucking on something he wanted a reward...(food). I say though as much as it kills you DON'T go back He'll end up as one of those kids who still uses it when he's in kindergarten and have buck teeth!! :)