Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Confessionals

I'm horrible with birthday & anniversaries. It drives one of my friends CRAZY. I can mark it on my calendar, put it in my planner and make a reminder on my phone and STILL you probably won't get a card from me.

Every year on January 1st I vow to do better. I will remember birthday's I will send out text messages and facebook greetings and regular birthday cards. It lasts until about January 15th before I forget another birthday. This year it was my niece who turned 16. SIXTEEN!! That's a big deal and I totally missed it!!

Truth be told, if you come here on May 2nd I might actually have to be reminded it is my own birthday.


kbreints said...

Yeah, I am terrible too... unless it is a family member-- or documented on Facebook for me... I have no clue!

Jessica said...

Since it is Friday confessional...I confess to being the friend that goes CRAZY.

I don't AlWaYs remember my friends spouses or children although I try but I for sure remember theirs and call or send a card or something.

Birthdays were a HUGE deal when I was growing up and I think it is a perfect time to take the extra step to make a friend feel like you are thinking of them and they are special.