Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WW: Spike Man

Pardon the fact that my kid appears to have "CRAZY" eyes in this picture. From right after he was born Miss Jessica has referred to Zackary as Spike. It was a joke taken from the soap opera All My Children that sort of just stuck. So imagine my mom's excitement when she found this shirt while buying Zack some clothes. Of course she just HAD to buy it!!


Jessica said...

It started as a joke because one of the first things Heather and I had in common was we both watched "All My Children".
But....when Zack began getting hair he totally grew into that "name" and that is when it stuck.

He is my little Spikey and will be until he is graduating and getting married. :)

kbreints said...

Haha - adorable! Don't kid yourself Jess, he will ALWAYS be spikey... even after that :)

KimN said...

I can't believe how big your guy is! What a handsome boy.

PS - I LOVE your post from yesterday.