Monday, November 02, 2009

Medical Marvels

Apparently Zack and I are just a plethora of medical mysteries this month. I'll catch you up on the highlights because that really is all I have the energy for considering on top of everything else Zack decided to get a cold last night and was up no less than 5 times. Add in one time for the dogs and you've got one tired mommy.


First up: Zack

Tomorrow he is getting his tonsils out. The comments from the doctors we have seen recently have included but are not limited to:

Wow... those are impressive and I do this for a living.

Can he breathe with his mouth closed?

Does he snore? (Yes, frequently and VERY loudly)

Does he have trouble swallowing solid food? (He's 38.5 inches tall and weighs 38 pounds does it look like he has trouble?)

So... tomorrow it is. We have to be there at 7:30 in the morning but I'm guessing they won't start surgery until 8:00 or so. My guess is by 10:00 my son will be VERY angry with me. :-(

On the upside we stocked up on Popsicles, ice cream, and chocolate pudding so with any luck I should be back in his good graces by noon.

Next up: Fred (aka... the mass on my shoulder)

I had my second appointment today with the orthopedic doctor. His consensus is that it is a bone tumor. Most likely an osteocondroma which is non-cancerous but they won't know 100% until it is removed.

The CT scan showed a mass about the size of an egg that is rubbing up against my chest wall. So, bone on bone is why I am having so much pain.

My appointment was at 4:15 today and at 4:55 I was FINALLY shown back to the exam room. On the upside I was done and on my way home by 5:05 but still.... little ridiculous on the wait time.

Since it was after five the IA City doctor's office was closed so they will have to call me tomorrow to schedule the appointment. I would guess it will be another two to four weeks of waiting. Such is my life.

So how about you? Any weird medical mysteries going on in your life? Or how about tonsil surgery stories? About how the mom was all worried about sending her baby off into surgery but all went perfectly fine and he was way better after it was over? I would very much like to hear one of those.


Anonymous said...

Kiddie cocktails are great that they give kids before surgery. Ask Delaney, she got to experience the treat three times with her arm! By the third time I think she was addicted and asking for the stuff!


kbreints said...

I am thinking about you today!! I am sure that Zack will do great and you will be snuggled in at home in no time!

KimN said...

Medical mysteries: Check
Worried about sending child off to surgery: Check

I'm probably not the best person to ask.

I hope that everything goes well with Zack and his recovery is smooth!

KimN said...

Medical mysteries: Check
Worried about sending child off to surgery: Check

I'm probably not the best person to ask.

I hope that everything goes well with Zack and his recovery is smooth!

sbeardy said...

My oldest had to have his tonsils taken out when he was about 3, and it really wasn't too bad. he also had his adenoids taken, and his nose cleaned/reamed out because he too, also snored horribly.
He was a bit mad for about 6-8 hours and pretty much refused to eat so we didn't get to go home right away, but he doesnt' snore at all now!
Good luck Heather!!

AmyWaWa said...

Well that's typical for Iowa City dr.'s offices. We lived in Coralville for eight years (which we miss, miss, miss!) and I had to go to the high risk clinic when I was preggers with Blake. First, they didn't even open until 1 in the afternoon and I had to go twice a week so I always missed the first couple hours of my 2nd shift job. Second, yes, I would get called back right away, spend an hour being monitored and then I never EVER spent less than 45 minutes waiting for a doctor to come see me in the exam room. EVER. During my c-section one of the doctors made a comment to me about being done with being pregnant. I said "I can tell you I certainly wont miss sitting for hours in your high-risk clinic!" Jeez! I just totally hi-jacked your comments. Guess I'm still a little bitter about that stupid clinic, even five years later!