Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have FINALLY taken the time to go through the list of blogs I read and add some new ones as well as remove some people who have stopped blogging or have not blogged in such a long time that I may have to send a search party after them.

If I have left you off and you would like to be on the blog roll please let me know. If I have put you on and you would rather not be on there please let me know that too!!


OMH said...

I leave family....as you can tell on my list by my neice who has only posted once - but I still check her blog once a week hoping against all hope........

As for others I have removed some because I disagreed with their "views on different subjects" and they seemed to always on their soap box....I've removed one that made my life not just sadder but DARKER more depressing than any other time of my life - without ever a flicker of hope, as for friends (virtual or real) if they haven't posted in a YEAR I remove them from my list and keep them in a favorites list.