Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Boy sees tractor.

Boy gets to sit in tractor.

Boy tells mom to make tractor go.

{This picture has been moved to his personal blog}

Mom tells him she can't make it go.

Is disappointed in her lack of agricultural skills but still gets to sit in tractor so all is right in the world just the same.
{This picture has been moved to his personal blog}

Boy sees tractor.

Mom says we can't play in tractor we must go to daycare.

World ends.
{This picture has been moved to his personal blog}

Dear Grandpa Ted-

Thanks for leaving the tractor in our driveway. We will be sure to appropriately thank you at a later date. :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh god! How cute is my little NEPHEW!! I just want to smoooch his cheeks!! I Love you ZACK!!!

Kbreints said...

Yeah. Sam is enthrawlled with our LAWN tractor -- I cannot imagine what he would do about a REAL one. I am going to have to bring ht boys to your parents to have them sit in a real one soon. Henry would just about jump out of his skin I bet!

Jessica said...

And you call yourself a farm girl?! LOL


darkship said...

Gotta say that's a great way to disappoint a kid!! Love the pics.

stella said...

Poor baby doesn't realize that this isn't the only time he will ever get to be on a tractor. Oh the little heartbreaks of such a young life. LOL.