Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What I Did on My Memorial Day Weekend.....

By: Zackary

On Friday night I went to my Grandpa Ted and Grandma Carol's house. When Mommy and Daddy told me where we were going I was SO excited. I kept saying "gam pa, tack tor" the whole way there and then when we pulled into the driveway there was the tractor. It took a little bit of "peese gam pa, tack tor" but he gave in and I got to ride in the tractor and then I even got to drive it a little bit. It was SOO much fun!!

On Saturday I stayed home with Daddy because it was REALLY windy and "ucky" outside and Mommy said that she had to go to lots of different stores and I wouldn't like it. So I played with Daddy and took a nap and I was so excited when I woke up and found these on the coffee table:

Mommy says it's a good thing that I slept for a LONG time because it took her like three episodes of Elmo's World to get them out of the box and she might have said some naughty words in the process. I was SO excited that I played with my "tack tor" for a long time.

After a little while Daddy left and when he came back he went outside so I went outside with him and noticed that he was doing something in the tree in the front yard. I wanted to help but Mommy said I couldn't climb the ladder because I might fall down and bonk my head. So I just watched and boy was I surprised when he finished and I saw my very own swing in the front yard!!
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I wasn't quite sure about it at first but by the end of the weekend I was asking to "wing" every time we went outside. After we played outside for awhile Mommy & Daddy said it was time to go back inside. I wasn't very happy about this. Mommy says if I could I would live in a tent outside. Ya know, I think she might be right.

So, after we went inside I was trying to get the door open to the outside when suddenly I discovered that there was this little flap on the door and if I pushed on it I could get to the outside.

(Ha Ha!! Just watch them try to keep me inside NOW!!) I thought that was LOTS of fun and I went in and out of that flap for quite a while until Mommy and Daddy told me that we had to go to Grandma Julie's. I was a little upset to go but then I was really excited when I got to see "ki kat" and "puppieeee" and "orse" and Grandma's barn. Of course Grandma had to watch me pretty closely because I'm not afraid of anything and I would have run into the stall with the horse if I could have.

On Sunday some of my family came over and I got to see Aunt "Innie" (Lindsay) again and some other relatives. Grandma Carol made a cake and she gave me this thing covered in chocolate called a beater. When she first gave it to me I tried to blow on it because it looked like the wand for bubbles. But I quickly discovered that it was MUCH, MUCH better than bubbles!!

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After we ate dinner I spent the rest of my evening going around to all of the relatives seeing which ones I could con into taking me outside. I convinced my Uncle Tim, my Grandma Carol and my Aunt Sue. It was a lot of fun!!

On Monday I got up and was surprised that I got to spend another day with Mommy & Daddy. We played with my tractors and I took a nap. When I got up Daddy said something about a boat and then he put me in this blue fluffy thing. I was just excited to get to go outside and kept trying to get him to open the door.

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Finally he took off the blue fluffy thing and we all got in his truck. It was really fun to ride in Daddy's work truck because I sit up really high and I could see out the front window really well.

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We drove for a little while and then we all got back out of the truck. Mommy put the blue fluffy thing (she called it a life jacket) back on me and we got in the boat.

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It was fun for a little while. I liked to stick my hand in the water but Mommy kept grabbing the back of my life vest saying something about me having no fear and that I was going to fall into the water.

After a little while I was bored and wanted to go home so we got back into the truck to drive home. On the way home we stopped at this place where Daddy talked into this box and then this woman handed us an ice cream cone. I had never had one before and I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. Mommy had to show me how to stick my tongue out to lick it but I really wanted to hold it myself.

So when we got home mommy took my shirt and pants off and let me have the ice cream cone.

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It was kind of messy but I liked it A LOT!!

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After I was "aaahh daaa" (all done) Daddy brought the hose up to wash off the back steps. I was pretty sure that he needed my help to do it so Mommy just threw her hands up in the air and took off my diaper and let me help.

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I was such a good helper that I even made a little swimming pool for the cats in case they were hot and wanted to cool off.

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After I got done playing in the water Mommy & Daddy tried to make me take a nap but I didn't want any part of that. I just played in my crib and talked to the cats for 45 minutes. So then they decided that we were going to go on a walk and they put a hat on my head. Mommy says all my little boy hats are too small so they had to put a big boy hat on.

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I didn't mind the hat that much but about half way into the walk I decided my long day was over. I started to cry because I couldn't push the stroller and I continued to wail at the top of my lungs the entire mile back to the car. Daddy said he thought his ear drums were going to explode but I think he exaggerates.

Either way, I was VERY tired and I went to bed at 6:30.

The End.


Kbreints said...

what a sweet boy. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Jessica said...

I am glad to see you bought Spike toys from Target rather than the other crap-hole place! :)

He looks like minnie Jake...more and more and more!

What a fun weekend....I am jealous!

Jenn said...

You guys had a fun busy weekend! And, BTW- I am a little jealous of the "tack tors". Just a smidge. ;)

stella said...

What a great way to spend the weekend. Sounds like a wonderful time. Jess, you got that right, mini-Jake indeed.

Aunt Becky said...

OhmyGOD! Could he be ANY cuter, Heather?