Thursday, August 07, 2008

Calling All Travelers

Anyone out there? My friend Jess needs some ideas!

September of 2009 she is planning a girl’s trip; but so far the planning hasn’t gone far. As if she needs an excuse for some girl time?

Anyhow, there are several of us turning 30 within that years time and in celebration of that we are taking a trip. She has spent countless hours researching destinations: California, Napa Valley, Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida (shied away from Florida because everyone has been there), etc.

I think the consensus is: rent a house on the ocean, but none the less, rent a house.

Now for the destination…..

Does anyone have any specific ideas? The objective of the trip is relaxation, beauty and

Please…flood us with ideas!


Anonymous said...

Heather- its Jenny Hunt. I have a travel website that you can rent townhomes, condos, etc all over the world. It is not a timeshare thing. Call me or email me.

Laura said...

I don't think it really matters specifically where you go, but I think renting a condo or beachfront house (if the cost is shared between several of you, it would be feasible) would be the way to go for sure. And I think you need to go somewhere with the ocean or at least a lake, and somewhere with a spa. Based on your criteria anyway. Somewhere on the coast in California sounds like a good plan to me!

Jill A said...

If you've never seen the Oregon Coast, it's spectacular. We once rented a house with 8 bedrooms (all with balconies and private baths), a games room, and an outdoor 8 person hot tub. In fact, my boyfriend and I are going to spend the night on the coast this weekend to celebrate an anniversary.

Or you could go to Costa Rica. I went there last December and it was magnificent. Plane tickets cost about $600 and we spent 2 weeks with a total cost (excluding tickets) of $2,500.

Anonymous said...

Alaksa...Ha ha!! Just kidding..just because I want some friends and to see everyone! But I really enjoyed Europe but if you want to go more low key I would say Virginia Beach or something.

Lindsey said...

I would recommend an all inclusive trip to Cancun... beautiful!!! I loved it! You should check it out!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Cape fave! We went the first two weeks of July, stayed in Sandwich, Mass. It was breathtaking and fantastic! So much to see,!

Anonymous said...

Check out when you choose a destination. They have lots of houses you can rent, pretty much anywhere you can think of. I would go somewhere I've never been, probably California. My mom and John had their honeymoon traveling the coast, so they could offer suggestions if you wanted them.

-cousin Laura