Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Dear Mother of the Biting Child:

I'm so very sorry about the incident yesterday. Perhaps if your child had not been biting my child for the last 6 months he would not have FINALLY reached his breaking point and hit your child over the head with a toy.

In all fairness your child did bite him back. All's fair in love and war right?


Mom who wasn't too mad at her child for finally standing up for himself


Aunt Becky said...

Good for Zack. I hate bullies at any age.

kbreints said...

Yeah Zach! The daycare lady told Henry "Gob boy!" When he finally stood up for himself....

I did not feel bad either!

Lynanne said...

Hah! Go Zach! I remember feeling the same guilty satisfaction when my child finally struck back after being biten 3 5imes in one week. (though I've been on the other side of the fence too)

OMH said...

Maybe momma will take the time to point out to BITER that is what you get for being a bully!

Yeah ZACHO....your so CUTEO!