Thursday, August 07, 2008


We have a dirty little secret in our house. Enter our house and look around and you would never guess what is lurking just 8 or 9 feet below where you are standing.

Let me start from the beginning. Last Monday our basement flooded.
We ended up with 5 inches of water down there.
We had to move the cats upstairs for two days and they were NOT happy about it.
(Just so they're aware I wasn't all that happy about having their litter boxes back in my living space either!!)

Before the flood we had a few millipedes lurking downstairs, now, after the flood with our basement still being dark and damp we have a full on infestation.

**Warning... do NOT scroll down if you don't like bugs!! (Or perhaps if you're eating lunch)**




THIS... is what our basement looks like now.
It gives me the heebe jeebies just looking at the pictures, let alone knowing that I have spent the better part of last night and this morning vacuuming, or attempting to vacuum, them all up.
The exterminator came on Monday to try to kill them off but it only sent them into hiding for a few hours and now they are back in full force.
Last night I vacuumed up TWO FULL vacuum bags of millipedes.
They are ALL OVER my floor and then in clusters on anything moist. The freezer we got from my parents, any damp corners. In those places lurk hundreds of millipedes.
After I vacuumed them up I promptly took the squirmy bag outside and lit it on fire.
Then I went inside and the floor looked like this again!!
I called the exterminator AGAIN this morning and he said he had a family emergency and couldn't get there until Monday so we are getting a dehumidifier tonight (these little guys like the moisture) and then on Monday the cats get to go upstairs again so we can bug bomb.
I'm considering just moving... it might be easier!! :-)


kbreints said...

oh ugh

Renee said...

that's pretty nasty. could be worse roaches...or rats!

DD said...


Reminds me of when we had flour bugs. Ick.

Amanda said...

OMG!!! I have never seen more than opne millipede at a time...ever!!! I would freak out!

Lynanne said...

ewww and eewww some more!

Do cats eat milipedes? Our cats eat just about any bug in site. Except for the boxelder bugs that invade our basement every fall.

Hope you finally got rid of those nasties and your basement stays dry.

Lynanne said...

ugh...typo. How about "...eats any bug in sight." Methinks I need more sleep.