Monday, June 22, 2009

Deep Thoughts

All last week on my way to work I noticed a black dress shoe on the side of the road from my house. All week I wondered to myself how exactly does one loose one shoe on the side of the road.

Then on Friday it was gone and a little ways further down the road had been replaced by a white tennis shoe.


These are the things I think about on my way to work. Why is that shoe there? How do you loose a single shoe? Wouldn't you notice it was missing and go back to try to find it? Is there a shoe lost and found somewhere for shoes found along the road?

What are your deep thoughts on this Monday?


kbreints said...

What the F* happened to Spring? I want Fing spring back. NOW.

Aunt Becky said...

Why does my head hurt so badly I could cry?

Anna Wolvers said...

Heather have you been to Hawaii? If your thoughts linger on one lost shoe here, you'd be in adventureland of headaches there. People throw them over the powerlines for fun I guess.