Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Sky Is Falling

Morning Conversations:


I want cold pizza

We are not having cold pizza for breakfast. You are going to have cereal and toast at daycare.

I want cold pizza.....

No, let's go upstairs and get dressed.

I WANT COLD PIZZA.... (tears have come.....)

One, Two......


Why you eat all the Cheetos?

Because Mommy just ate them. It's ok, we don't need them now, we can get more tonight.

I WANT CHEETOS.... (tears again....)....


(Literally 5 minutes of me dressing him while he cries and screams about Cheetos....)


Alright, let's get your coat on it's time to go.

I want a banana.

No, you are eating at daycare.

I WANT A BANANA....(more tears....)


Believe me when I tell you I did not shed any tears when I dropped him off this morning!! :-)


Alan_Courtney said...

haha, i can't wait!

kbreints said...

Why did you not give the boy a banana? Hell my boys eat before they leave for school... and most likely when they get there too!

And uh-- you mean 'The' sky is falling? :)

Aunt Becky said...

Sounds just like my house!

KimN said...

Gabe gets two breakfasts to avoid this very at home and one at daycare. I'm pretty sure the sky would fall at our house to if that wasn't the case. Although, he is soooooo slow to eat his breakfast so there is a trade off there. I probably have to come back to the kitchen 20 times and say, "Gabe, finish your breakfast". Sometimes I think it may sprout mold before he finishes.

Our morning meltdowns always occur during teeth brushing. Its my least favorite part of the day. By the time we are done I'm sweating and Gabe is usually crying and we are both unhappy.