Friday, June 05, 2009

I can't make this stuff up

Two or three months ago the transmission went out on my car. Yeah... the car I just bought last Summer. It was under warranty so they fixed it and four days later.... (yeah... four days, no car) I got my car back.

While it was there I mentioned to them that I needed some coolant because my car seemed to be low on coolant. I ended up buying some from them and then proceeded to have to refill my coolant every 2 weeks, all the while thinking this is probably not normal, I should probably call them and get it back in..... but I didn't.... I just went about my day.....

Until Tuesday. On Tuesday I drove my car out of the driveway and headed for daycare and all of the sudden the check engine light came on... and then the automatic throttle light came on and then I freaked out a bit imagining myself as one of those people who's throttle sticks down and they are going 100 on the interstate with no way to stop their speeding car.

So, as soon as I dropped Zack off I got out the owner's manual and read exactly what that light meant. Feeling fairly confident that I would not, in fact be careening to my death while driving I headed straight for the dealership.

When I got out of the car he asked me what the issue was. Well... the check engine light is on, oh and the automatic throttle light was on, and it needs and oil change and oh yeah... it has been leaking coolant from somewhere for the last couple of months. (Thinking one had nothing to do with the other.)

I was wrong. My radiator had a hole in it. The check engine light came on because the coolant got too low. The automatic throttle light... possibly just a fluke. And then... once again... I was without a car. (Luckily only for one day)

Why does this stuff happen to me? (Jess you are not allowed to make comments about what kind of car or where I bought the car. I already realize the error of my ways... I can't change it now!! :-)


KimN said...

Sounds very frustrating.

Now I'm sitting here hoping its not a Ford...since that is where I work.

Jessica said...

It's a good thing you put a disclaimer on there otherwise I would have suggested you buy a car somewhere that offers a full shuttle service and/or rental car.....I could go on but I think you may have heard me mention it before.

Oh yeah...and that you have a friend who lives two miles from you and OH YEAH....HECK....Works at a dealership. Had you bought it here or the same make we sell I could have swapped you cars. AND You my dear friend could have driven my guy magnet mobile.

kbreints said...

I jeez.... not fun.

Jennifer B. said...

It's crazy, isn't it! Less than 24 hours after I got laid off the "clunk" I had been hearing in the front end of my car - the one that the mechanics couldn't replicate became something that no one could miss! Clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk! It sounded like I had run over someone and they were knocking politely on the bottom of my car asking me to please pull over. $881 later I had new wheel bearings. Hooray - I just spent half of my last paycheck!