Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Unleashing Your Inner Packrat

So, less than three months to go and we are finally getting the last of our junk into the attic to make room for this little man. Throughout the entire process I have continually been amazed by how much CRAP we managed to pack into that closet. Granted it is about three feet wide by nine feet long... but still...

The other thing that has amazed me about packing up all of this junk is the difference of opinion that Jake and I have about what should and should not be packed away and stored. After high school I moved to the dorms, then to an apartment, then to my trailer and then to here. Somewhere in all of that I realized that no... I don't need that old swing choir costume or those old syllabuses from English 101.

So, what I have kept are pictures and major projects or papers from classes I have taken. Scattered in there are a few odd items of clothing that meant something to me, like the three toned leather jacket covered in stains that I saved from my mom's junk/goodwill pile more than once and wore from junior high through high school, much to her dismay.

Jake, however, has moved once and only once in his adult life. He came from his parents house straight to the house we live in and all the junk from his closet there came with him here. NONE of which he seems willing to part with. Now I realize that one persons junk is another man's treasure but I think we crossed the line when we packed up his old wrestling shoes and "protective" gear into one of those totes.

Oh yes, you read that right. His reasoning was one day my son might want to... no hunny, your son is NEVER going to want to see your old "protective gear" or your old shoes. Yet still... into a tote they went. I suppose in the grand scheme of things since his parents didn't keep any of his old school papers or anything from vacations that I could find these are probably his only memories of his high school days so a few totes of crap won't kill us.

However, what might kill us is his incessant need to keep EVERYTHING that may one day be needed for something. While cleaning there were a few things that I managed to wrestle from his grubby little hands and convince him that he REALLY didn't need to keep. The problem then becomes the time between when I throw it away and when the garbage man gets to our house.

Case in point. He has an old cloth portable CD player case. We do not own a portable CD player. We have no plans of purchasing a portable CD player. Yet, after the trash man came I noticed, stached away on the back porch, the portable CD player case.

His theory is someday we might need this. My theory, if we need it we will buy it!! So for now, I will just continue to sneak meaningless items into the garbage and play the no hunny... I have no idea where that went card. However, if he decides to start packing away food items.... I'm drawing the line!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Lesson in Trust

So.. where have I been?

Trying to find my identity....

Oh wait no that's right... I've been trying to KEEP my identity!!

I'm unsure how much more I should put on this blog right now while our case is open, although I don't think the perpetrator (who probably doesn't even know what that word means) even knows how to use the internet let alone find this blog.

However, let me just say for now that I have had a HELL of a week and I'm hoping it all goes away VERY soon!!

Shameless Plug

Okay girls. This is a shameless plug to try to save all of us with little butts to diaper some money. I just discovered this website called 1800diapers. Maybe I'm behind the times here and you all know about this already, who knows. However, I think this will probably be where I order all of my diapers from.

I went to Sam's Club in our area and wrote down prices of diapers and all of the prices are the same as they are there. HOWEVER, if you order over $45 worth of stuff, they will ship it to your house for free. Well in most cases a large case of diapers can be around $35 so if you order two it comes right to your door. No lugging the little ones out into the cold to attempt to buy diapers!! (YEAH!!)

Anyhow, I figured since you a lot of you have little ones, I knew some of you might be able to benefit from this. They also have formula and wipes but I'm not sure how the prices compare. If they are the same as what you are spending now some diapers and formula will get you over the limit and then you can have them shipped for free. (Woo Hoo!!)

So, if you go there, use my referral code would ya? I could use the extra savings and it saves you $2.00 off your first order. HEHA8288

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A shopping we will go...

A shopping we will go...

A shopping we will go...

Hi ho the dairy oh...

A shopping we will go...

And what did I buy on my little adventure you ask...

Sugar Cookies
Powdered Donuts
cinnamon Rolls
Frozen Pizza

Jake's only comment... um yeah... she's pregnant...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Belly Pictures

Okay, so I was looking back and it has been eight weeks since I last gave you belly pictures. Can you believe how quickly time flies? Eight weeks!! So, I figured it was just about time to give you some more. (Still hoping to buy some good will from my sketchy blogging :-)

First up, the ever popular side view... Oh... and no wise cracks about the pants. They happen to be VERY comfortable!!

Next up... we remove the shirt... (Okay... get your minds out of the gutters... just the part that covers the belly!!) Please don't be blinded... yes... the belly does need some sun. No, it's not likely to get any between now and January. A couple of shade lighter and I'll just blend right into that door won't I?
Finally.... someone mentioned to me that maybe I should take some pictures from the front since most people never carry the same way twice. So, starting this week I will begin with the front shots.

And yes.... I'm AWARE that this picture makes me look HUGE!! But thanks for thinking it too!! Nothing like making a girl paranoid! :-)

I also did the comparison shot again with me at 17w3d and me at 25w2d. I don't think it's as dramatic as the last one but it does show a little bit of an outward trend...
So... there you have it. It's a good thing I'm not shy huh?

Theme for the room

Do I have a theme you ask? Ha... do I have a theme... we have had a theme for over a year now. Yeah... I'm a little over prepared. The theme is jungle animals. We picked it when we didn't know if we were going to be able to find out the sex of the baby. Also, we wanted something that could grow with the child.

Originally our idea was to do a mural with jungle animals on the walls BUT now that the developers are getting closer and closer and we don't know how long we are going to be in our house we have decided not to put a bunch of money into a room in a house that may or may not be standing in five years. Good plan huh?

So the colors, even though it's hard to tell in the pictures are actually a dark khaki with a green stripe. MUCH better than the lavender!! The green is sort of "jungly" according to my sister, but the color is called tree tops and since the theme is jungle animals, I guess we picked well.

As for the bedding, it is a set that I found last year on ebay. Unfortunately for us, it is now discontinued so that is the only place to get pieces. Luckily I was prepared and I have all of the essential pieces already. Here is a picture of part of the comforter....

For the walls we are framing these in black frames with white backgrounds and hanging them. They are basically 4.5" tall wall paper stickers.

We also have these

which will be hung on the walls somewhere..... I'm leaving that decision up to the decorator. But let me tell you they are absolutely ADORABLE!!

Now all that we need is to finish with baby showers and get everything put together. Oh yeah... and about a million other things that have nothing to do with his room!! :-)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Baby's Room

Okay, so we've established that I'm a horrible blogger lately. Can I pacify you with pictures? Well let's just see shall we?? First up... the baby's room.

I didn't take before pictures of the baby's room because... well.... I'm a bad mom and all of such things. However, I do have a picture that was taken in that room about a year ago and that room did not change much over that year, so that will have to do. Notice the large accumulation of baby crap to the right and the junk stacks to the left. All of that junk to the left along with much, much, much more is what I have been putting into totes over the last couple of months and hauling up to the attic. Someday soon I hope to write about that experience....

Do you also notice the lovely color of the walls? See I told you, not a very manly shade of purple... so it had to go!!

And here is the room now.

Obviously the room is no where near finished, which is why I have not posted pictures up until now. The stripe and the woodwork still need some touching up, if I was really ambitious I could have taken a close up picture of that... but that would require me to show off my flaws, and we really don't need that... now do we?

As of right now our last shower is scheduled for November 12th, so our plan is to put the baby's room together sometime after that. We figure waiting till all of the showers are over will let us know what we are working with and that way we will not have to move things around or take things down. I am all about doing things once and only once!! :-)

SO... look for actual nursery pictures sometime in early December. I know it seems like a long ways off... but trust me, 5 months ago I found out I was pregnant and now that seems like yesterday, so it will be here before you know it.