Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

My day started at 2:30 this morning. That is when Zack decided that he was hungry. He began to methodically kick me (we will talk about why he was in my bed at a later date) so since he hadn't eaten since 6:00 I figured he might be hungry. So I got up, made him a bottle and went into his room to sit in the rocking chair.

He sucked it down quickly but then began coughing. You can guess what came next. I could hear it and then I heard the splash as the spit up/baby puke hit the carpet. Happy Birthday mommy!! So I turned on the light and cleaned up the mess. It wasn't a whole lot, probably two of the four ounces but it was still more than I wanted to do at 2:30 in the morning.

Luckily the incident didn't wake him up too much because when I put him in his bassinet he immediately went right back to sleep and slept until 5:00. Which is his wake up time. 5:00 every morning wide awake, eyes open time to get up. Who needs an alarm clock??

As for gifts, there is really not much more for me to get today. Jake gave me my card last night because I am going to dinner with Jess and my MIL and SIL tonight. Yes, he got me a card. No, he didn't make it in craft time. His mom bought it for him. However, according to him and her he is the one that remembered and called her and asked her to buy it. If that is true this is the first time in 10 years that he has remembered my birthday all on his own. That in its self is a big enough present.

As for the rest of my gifts. Shane is going to mow my dandelions, I mean lawn, this evening when Jess and I are out to dinner and Jake's grandma got me these metal tiles that hang on the wall that say live, laugh, love.

My friend Danette got me this really cool bracelet with Zack's name on it.

She has one for each of her kids and I really think it is an awesome idea. It reminds me of my little man every time I look down.

Finally, my mom took me shopping on Sunday and bought me a purse and a wallet. I have been needing one for MONTHS and actually got gift cards for Christmas to go get one but have never gotten it done.

My mom knows this which is why she just took me there and made me pick. If she would have given me money or a gift card I would probably still be carrying around my old purse.
So that's my day in a nutshell. I used all of my personal time on maternity leave or I would be taking the day off to go lounge around. So instead I will be working. Yeah for me!! :-)


Kbreints said...

Birthday Lunch and dinner in the same day! What fun!

Krista said...

Happy Birthday Heather. I hope you have a great day. Although cleaning puke isn't a great way to start a birthday, spending cuddly time with your little man is an awesome present,don't you think!

Shane and Jessica Olson said...

I was going to make you a mother's bracelet but I didn't think you would where it; I remember you telling me you don't where much jewelery and you always where the same pieces. Glad to know you will and you like it!
A little insider trick...Keep your bracelet in a zip lock baggie or an air tight container so it doesn't tarnish. It will keep it pretty for longer.
Sounds like you are having a great birthday!
See you tonight!

Connie said...

Happy Birthday! Thinking of you and glad to see you have a 'plan of action' today. And hopefully Zack is staying w/Grandma? (P.S. Of course I would be the one to think it funny if he has an upchuck with her.HA!)

Take care of just you today!

Erin said...

Happy birthday! After a rough start, it sounds like it was a nice day!