Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Loosing my mind...

Ok, I know that they say when you are pregnant the baby takes all of your brains but when do I get them back? No really... it's been sixteen weeks, I think it's about time.

To what am I referring, well let's just start with this weekend shall we? My friend Katie and I {see I just typed that and forgot the and I part of the sentence.. I'm really loosing it} took Zack to the mall to have his three month pictures taken (they are up on his website if you want to see them). While at the mall we stopped in the food court to eat some lunch.

After we got done having his pictures taken I noticed that I did not have my coat. In my coat was my keys and my cell phone. Since I drove this presented quite the problem. I ran from one end of the mall to the other in an desperate attempt to find my coat. No coat.

Luckily some WONDERFUL Samaritan, or mall security personnel, found said coat and took it to customer service. Where I was able to retrieve it after running back to that end of the mall. And believe me when I tell you people I do not run and if I do it is NOT pretty!!

So, we have my coat and we head for the car. I take Zack's car seat out of the stroller and put it in the car. Taking great care to put the handle down and even having a conversation with Katie about why we have to put the handle down.

4 blocks later we arrive at our destination to get Katie's hair cut. I climb in the back seat to retrieve Zack and suddenly realize that I never buckled him in. Sure I put the damn handle down so the car seat would have stayed put if we had been in a car accident it's just the child that wouldn't have.

Still not convinced? Last night I pulled into our driveway and went to get Zack out of the car only to discover that I didn't have my lunch bag. The very same lunch bag that contains ALL of the milk I have pumped for the day. (16 ounces for yesterday!!) Now I KNOW that I got the lunch bag out of the refrigerator and carried it to my car so it must have fallen out at daycare or in the parking garage.

Not wanting to loose 16 ounces of milk not to mention the bag and pump parts I jump back in the car and drive back to daycare. No lunch bag. So I jump on the interstate the whole time trying to run through what I did after work in my head. I just know that I had that lunch bag.

I arrive at work, go upstairs, open the fridge and what do I see sitting on the shelf minding its own business? Yes that's right, my lunch bag. That is 50 minutes of my evening that I wasted that I will NEVER GET BACK!! Please tell me that at some point I will regain at least a portion of my mental capacity?!?!?


Kbreints said...

haha... some - but not all. mothers are forever without a large portion of their brian. It is the truth.

spellconjurer said...

nope honey. My children are 17, 13, and 8. That's being a secretary and appointment keeper for 5 people in this family. An accountant, a maid, a personal stylist, cook, taxi driver, I work myself, attend all kids functions, mow the lawn and garden, and just today. As I ran around looking for my car keys to return a pair of shorts for the too tall 17 year old (they don't go down past my knees MOM, to which I replied, how about I just buy you jeans and cut off the ankles?),,,,,,I suddenly look down to see that hmmmmmmm said keys are in my hand already. I wear too many hats to do any of them especially well. Just do the best you can and when all else fails, sticky notes and lists. Lists. It's just that you forget to look at the lists then. Like the christmas lists I had. And the 6-7 people who had two wrapped, identical presents under my tree. Who embarassingly opened both, exposing the fact that I had shopped twice, wrapped twice and given twice to them the exact same thing. Because I had two lists, because I don't know why. Because I had so many hats on the blood stopped circulating in my damn brain.

Tink said...

My Mom once said, "I donated a portion of my mind to each of you kids. Which means I only have a fourth of a brain left. Please don't make me lose that too."

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

LOL Tink I love the way your mom thinks!

To be honest - I think it's less losing parts of your mind than having them crowded out by a BAZILLION other things. Don't panic until it's Zach you are forgetting [luckily every time that happened to me (3+ times with the middle child) it was at church where people KNOW my children and would step in and cover for me hehehehe].

But it doesn't really get much better - until your back to the stage in life where you only have to worry about YOU and your spouse. Which backs up my theory because there is less things to crowd out other normal things in your mind.