Monday, August 20, 2007

Drama, Drama, Drama

So yesterday I went to visit Jake at his treatment center. Since he is not getting a pass next weekend and I have family stuff to do I decided that Zack and I would go down yesterday and then Labor Day weekend.

Zack did WONDERFULLY in the car. I packed up pretty much every toy he owns hoping to keep him entertained but in the end, he slept for 2 hours on the way down there and the full 2 hours and 45 minutes on the way back. Although he did enjoy his 20 minutes of wooden spoon and pot time immensely!!

Once we got there I could sort of tell right away that this would not be like some of the other times I visited Jake. For one there were a lot of people out in the visiting area. Usually when I go down there everyone is in the back watching TV or taking a nap.

The fun started when this one girl's husband/boyfriend whatever showed up high or drunk. Hell he could have been both for all I know. I'm unsure as to why the aid did not kick him out but they let him stay although all the people there, myself included, could tell that he was obviously impaired. So when they all stepped outside to smoke that was the talk, what is he on, man he looks messed up, etc.

Then they all came back inside and sat at a table at the far end of the room from where we were seated yet they talked so loud that I could hear every word of their conversation. For instance I know that she says that she is trying but she just doesn't understand why she's not getting it. I also know that she's considering leaving to which her kids felt it necessary to lecture her on how she is on drugs and how she is off of them. Also on the fact that if she walks out of there she better not show up on their doorsteps.

Now if that was only all of it... oh no... there's still more.

While all of this was going on another client's wife came with his two grandchildren. They sat at one table and whispered back and forth while the oldest grandchild (she's probably 2 1/2) ran around and did whatever she wanted. At one point she was on the couch next to me kicking me and then she somehow got a key and was trying to stick it into an electrical outlet when one of the other clients saw her and stopped her.

Finally around 4:00 they decided it was time to leave. The client walked them out to the parking lot and the next thing you know he's gone. Apparently all that whispering was trying to convince his wife to let him leave with her. What I don't understand, however, is that this place has an open door policy. If he wanted to leave all he had to do was say I'm leaving now, pack his things and leave. Why wait around for three hours and then sneak off and disappear??

So... after he left we had to deal with everyone talking about that and how they couldn't believe he left, etc. Then this other kid, who just creeps me the f@#^% out, felt it necessary to tell me all about how he has been to three other treatment facilities and how he's seen all sorts of people walk out and it's not really all that unusual, etc. ON TOP of the fact that he kept trying to walk by and talk to Zack and get him to smile, etc. He just wouldn't leave us alone!!

I tell ya what, I don't have a CLUE how Jake lives there. Obviously I kept this fact to myself because I want him to continue the treatment program, but if it were me I would go crazy living there. I would have to shave my head too because otherwise I would be pulling out all my hair. It was like stepping back into high school again complete with the clicks and the gossipping and the immaturity. Dear LORD!!

So... how was your weekend?? :-)