Friday, August 03, 2007

My week

So... um... yeah... I'm pretty sure I put something on this site about writing a new post before the end of the week.

Not gonna happen, move on, sorry if you've been waiting.

Let me tell you a little bit about why. At this moment if I write a new post it has to be at work or written on my digital voice recorder and typed at work. To do it at work I need to have a lunch hour or some other sort of free time. I have had none of the sort this week.

Monday I had to take Zack to the gastro doctor. Then Monday night the DHS woman came again.

Tuesday I was sick. I was at work but I was lucky to get anything done in between the trips to the bathroom.

Wednesday they called me and told me that Zack was sick and so I had to go get him at 3:45.

Yesterday they called me at 8:30 and told me that he was sick. He was not sick. I got there and he was smiling and fine. However at that point I was so frustrated that I just took him and my niece and my mom watched him. So I got back to work at 10:30 and then had a dress fitting at 1:00 and then my father-in-laws birthday party last night.

Today I have to get some things done because I have to teach a class on Monday and my topic... well I haven't even STARTED!! Really, NOTHING!! So I have to get that done this morning before I go to another dress thing with my sister this afternoon and then we have rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and tomorrow is the wedding and Sunday is the gift opening and Sunday night I may just fall down on my couch and never get up!!

So... that new post... yeah... maybe next week!!


Kbreints said...

Just breath-

spellconjurer said...

it sounds like life is cheerfully kicking your a**. It's horrid I know, but when I feel as if my life is worse than ever, I imagine something awful. (I'm so not recommending this I swear) Personally I need a reality check sometimes. Your reality is already totally in check. When one of my children has driven me up the last wall, and I am feeling so,,,,,,,well bad, I think to myself, what if he/she was heaven forbid missing like the children I see in the news? Then all I would ever wish for, was for her/him to be back driving me bonkers. I'm sure I need therapy or something for coping that way. I guess it's a strange way of appreciating the things I'm trying to cope with. So,,,,from my end, I'm glad you have Zack to care for and to love, I'm so so happy you have a great job (because I am searching for a great job), I'm happy you have your mom to back you up with Zack and I'm glad you have birthday parties and wedding celebrations in your life. The teaching thing? Well that just freaks me out, because I'm far far too shy in public to ever teach a class of any sort, so kudos to you for being able to do that. I really do with things were a lot easier for you. I'm sure it sounds cliche at this point cause everyone is telling you, but you really ARE the strongest person I have known personally. I would have been talking to the imaginary ducks in my little padded "hotel" room by now. Can I mail you a cheesecake?