Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So the job hunting is going no where. This telling the truth thing is NOT getting Jake very far. Even the people that he has told half truths too seem to be frightened away. It is like he mentions the word recovery and people automatically write "NOT IN THIS LIFETIME" in big bold letters across the top of his application.

Last week he had an interview with T@rget to be a stock boy. This is not a hard job. High school kids get this job. Jake, however, did not. He called me today to tell me that they had sent him something in the mail. They wouldn't tell him what it is. I'm SURE it's a rejection letter. If they wanted to offer him a job they would have called him on the phone. Sending something in the mail is how companies inform you that you did not get a position.

So today he had another interview and he is also filling out some more applications. I am trying oh so hard to stay positive for him. I keep telling him all he needs to do is keep filing out applications but I imagine that if it is discouraging for me it must be discouraging for him.

After all, he's not dumb. He is well aware of the fact that most people can just walk into T@rget, half ass fill out an application and get a job. Yet for him, even though he didn't tell them he was in treatment just that he was now in recovery, seemed to blow the whole thing.

Cross your fingers with me will you that SOMEONE... ANYONE will give him a chance. All he needs is to get his foot in the door but right now even that is a difficult task.

**Update, he drove all the way home from his grandma's house before going to fill out more applications just to get the Target letter just in case I was wrong. I wasn't... but oh how I wish I was.....**


Kbreints said...

Damn. I wish that the "Telling the truth" advise that everyone was giving you guys would get you somewhere-- but it is just as I thought. I think that he needs to Omit that information. He needs to realize that he is not doing it because he is ashamed, but because it is neccesary to get a job (non-construction anyway)

I hope that he can find something soon-- Would he want to sell Cell phones?

Todd said...

I have to agree with omitting the info on all future apps. It's not lying and Jake can say something if they ask. I really can't believe that Target didn't hire him. I used to do the hiring for them and that's just crap. as long as he could pass a drug test they hire almost any one. If you want I can talk to the stock room manager at the Altoona Target. I know him quite well. Til then tell him to hang in there. Something good will come of this. You hang in there too!!!

Shane and Jessica Olson said...

I don't think Jake should scream the truth but I think he shouldn't lie about it either.

Unfortunately this is one of the things Jake will have to understand as a consequense to his actions. Employeer's will be leary. Persistance and determination will say a lot though.

There are a lot of construction positions that have a no drug policy. Just to keep his mind open.

Tell him to keep at it!! I think it is great that he is out looking and applying. That alone is a step up from before!!

Anonymous said...

I completely feel for you. It's tough enough to get a job sometimes without having to go through what you and Jake have. It does take time, and that really does stink.

Personally, I would stray away from construction jobs. My sister's husband is a recovered drug addict and he said that it was like a routine. He was a roofer and took on a different roofing job, but he said that it just got him in his old ways and nearly relapsed so he completely had to change what he did for a living.

I asked my sister what he did because he was in treatment for about 3 1/2 months and she said that he left it off his job applications but when they asked about it that he said he was having some personal issues and needed time off to resolve them. I don't know how far his interviewers are going with their questions but I don't think they can really ask too much more than that.

Good Luck! I'll pray for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I realize that it is probably frustrating, but telling half truths about his past is not going to get Jake (or you) anywhere on his road to recovery.
He needs to realize that employers are going to figure it out if he tells them or not. Almost EVERY company runs background checks and you have admitted yourself that Jake has a criminal record a mile long. They will figure out that for the past 5-6 months he was either in jail or treatment. Better to be up front and admit your short comings yourself that make it look like you are trying to hide something. He just needs to realize it will take time for a job to come along...it is all part of the consequences for his actions.

Krista said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you both. I can only imagine how frustrating this is. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, as I just came from a class similar to this issue today.....
If Jake is the most qualified person for this job, and the only reason he is being turned down is because of his past drug use (that is currently no longer a problem), isn't this illegal???

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. Landing a job isn't easy at any time unless you are the best in a field and are sought after by companies. Maybe Jake could get a recommendation from his counselor. That and a cover letter and resume might be the edge that will get him in the door. Keep looking. I'm really pulling for you. I wish I knew someone who could help find a job. I totally applaude Jake's efforts. It's not easy, but speaks volumes about his determination to beat this awful disease. Keep up the good work, both of you.

Anonymous said...

Has Jake asked anyone about this during his meetings? They have all been there, maybe they have some suggestions.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Gotta agree with the "asking in group". I do not know if y'all are religious if so have him talk to your pastor - I know that a lot of times people within the church that would be in the position to offer him a job.

Remember that sometimes it's "over qualified" that keeps people from hiring people. When we first moved to Florida it took nearly 3 months for Randy to find a job. Sam's & Target who hire High Schoolers all the time told him - Why would we hire you, train you, and then watch you leave because something better comes along for you? When a HS student will at least commit to us for like 6 months. So keep your chins up and don't loose hope anytime!