Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I spent this weekend going through my grandpa's old pictures and newspaper articles. I'm going to scan everything in and make CD's for my family members so that none of these memories are ever lost.

This weekend I'm going to go to my aunt's house to go through my grandma's old pictures to do the same thing for that side of the family. If you ever have the opportunity to do this I HIGHLY recomend it!! It has been great to go through all of the old pictures. All of these memories I never want to loose and I'm SO greatful to get the opportunity to see and record images like these:

My grandpa - Age 2

My Grandma - Age 3

My Grandparents - Just Married

My Dad - Age 3


Shane and Jessica Olson said...

OMG - Your dad was soooooooo cute!

Kbreints said...

Oh I love those pictures! I have wanted to do this same thing... very smart... right now is when those old pictures are going to begin to disinegrate. It funnyto think about - now with the digital age.

Heather said...

Don't you just want to reach into that picture and squish him!! I hope Zack doesn't look like that because if he is even half that cute he will get away with MURDER!!

Tink said...

Those are precious! I love the pageboy haircuts your Grandparents were sporting. And the one of your day is DARLING.

stella said...

I am so glad to hear that you are doing this. I have been researching the Hamilton side for over a year now. Can't wait to show and tell Jake some of the history of his family. Between the two of us, Zack will know his family's rich history.
BTW - your dad is just too cute!