Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quick Update

I'm just going to post something REALLY quickly because I'm busy, busy, busy at work.....

- For all of you out there who play on line gambling games, YES you have to report your winnings and losses from on-line games on your tax return.

-Yes really...even though you don't get any tax forms. Keep track of this and report it on your return. It will save you having to pay someone like me LOTS and LOTS of money to recreate it and it will also save someone like me valuable hairs on their head.....

- Jake has a sponsor now. He asked this man to be his sponsor on the 7th. This has helped him immensely.

- Jake now attends one meeting per day as his sponsor has recommended. He has only missed one day which was Saturday because we were out running errands. His sponsor said this was fine because it is important for him to spend time with us too. (For the record I offered to drop him off and wait in the parking lot when I realized what time it was but he decided not to go.)

-Jake and I attend meetings together (I go to Al-anon and he goes to AA) on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is a nice time for us to talk about our recovery and to spend some couple time together

-Jake really likes his new job. He has a lot of responsibility but he has really stepped up to the plate and seems to be handling it well.

-More than his new job Jake likes that his new job is located less than two miles from my parents house and so he gets to go there every day for lunch and eat whatever it is my mom has cooked for the workers and my dad. (I'm jealous...)

-Zack is doing fine and growing like a weed.

-Yes I know his website is outdated. I can't upload pictures and home and I have been SOOO busy at work I haven't had time to mess with it.

-Yes... really... I know Zack's website is out of date. I promise you, he is fine and growing and spoiled you can stop reminding me.

-I am doing well with the adjustment. There are things Jake and I need to work on, like talking to each other better, but these are now normal couple things as opposed to what they were before. Normal couple things I can handle.

-Some time this week I may dig myself out and then I will try ever so hard to post something with a little more content.


Anonymous said...

I think we are all so impressed with how you are handling this...living through it...coping with it. None of those words are quite right. I guess just your response to "it", whatever you want to pin this time of your life down as...well, your response has been amazing.

I am so SO SO excited that you go to meetings together. This is huge. BIG! SO important. Please don't give this up. It is so very critical that you BOTH seek and receive the guidance you need and the support you need. EXCELLENT CHOICES. You are both making them. I think you are doing right by your family.

You were really the heart of this whole recovery push; whether or not it's 100% successful (which I guess would mean he stays clean forever), YOU were 100% successful in making a change for the better to your family. That's something no one can EVER take away from you.

Having pride in that accomplishment is like receiving an award every day. I pray that the pride goes straight to your heart and lifts you up each day when you feel down or discouraged. It's yours forever. Be proud!! :)

Don't give up blogging. I love reading your stories (good AND bad) and seeing your updates!! They are such an encouragement to others. No matter what anyone's situation, they can learn so much from you, and get a LOT of inspiration from you. You are a great person with tons to offer to other wives/moms out here in blogland, just by being yourself. Way to go!!

stella said...

Amen to what Anonymous said. You should be very proud of yourselves. Remember what I told you, that as long as you do what you need to do, everyday just keeps getting better. I'm so happy for you.

Kbreints said...

I second anonymous on all of it! Horray for your family! For you! For Jake! and for Zack too!