Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Crossing Over

About two months ago I made a change in this site. Did you notice? For the first 15 months of Zack's life I didn't really talk about him on here much. I wrote a post about it in honor of his 15 month birthday. If you would like to read it you can go here....

Anyway, when I wrote that post and when I sort of changed directions I was unsure if I would loose my faithful readers or not. As of right now the answer seems to be not. I'm grateful that all of you decided to stay with me and I'm glad that so many of you are enjoying the pictures and the stories. I love writing about my kid and sharing him with all of you.

However, after today... I'm not sure how many of you will continue to come back. Today I'm am truly crossing over to the mommy blogger dark side...

After all, who else but a mommy blogger could come here and tell you that on Saturday my son will be 18 months old and this morning.


He woke up DRY!!

And then...


He went potty on the big boy potty!!!

Oh yes, I did just write that on my website, and I did just put three exclamation points behind it!!





It's official, I'm now a mommy blogger. May God help us all!! :-)

(Wait, before I go may I get one more WOOO HOOO for my big boy!!)

Ok, I'm really going this time...


kbreints said...

Haha, its seams that we are meeting in the middle... glad to hear more about him!

Yarian said...

I love reading your blog no matter what you write. I really enjoy hearing about Zach and what's going on in your life. Sometimes I feel so far away up here and blogs are a wonderful item.