Wednesday, July 02, 2008




Please contact us to resolve this issue.

We have reason to believe the above referenced check(s) have been stolen or forged. (No SH*T Sherlock could that be because I told you this... a YEAR AND A HALF AGO!!) However, we are requesting more information. (What more could you want? I sent you a police report, and a letter from the bank showing I canceled the account as soon as I knew the checks were stolen. Did I mention that I did this a YEAR AND A HALF AGO!! Ok... just checking) If this item is related to a forgery, theft or identity theft (I think we've established this), we must have copies of your completed forgery affidavit and/or police report to clear this matter from our system. (Um yeah... got that. Faxed them to you... YEAR AND A HALF AGO!!)



All I can say is it's a good DAMN thing I keep things, and also that I am in the process of cleaning my office. So I find the information and call the company.

Helpful Associate (HA): Oh, I see here that there were two checks written to Hobby Lobby.

H: Yes, and I talked to someone regarding both checks and faxed you a copy of the police report back in 2006.

HA: Yes, it shows here that we have a police report on file and we have cleared one of the checks.

H: So do I need to fax you another copy to clear the other check. (Come on idiot... get with the program....)

HA: No, I will go ahead and clear the second check now.

H: Thank you. (Did I really just have to waste 15 minutes of my day having that conversation?)

The odd part of this whole thing is that this letter arrived on Friday June 20th. The same day that this happened.


kbreints said...

So the same day that she was put away? Crazy.

Heather said...

It was the day the man was killed. He was killed around 5:00 and I got that letter around 5:30 when I got home from work.

Lynanne said...

Freaky! The credit people are idiots. I just got done dealing with a collection company that insisted I owed money on a hospital bill from two years ago that was a mistake on the hospital's part. Because the claim was so old, both the hospital and credit agency had "lost" all records of earlier conversations where I was told the matter had been dealth with. (The files had been archived.) Apparently, someone was going through the files and saw the claim hadn't been closed properly so she decided to reopen it again. Gee thanks.

Anonymous said...

Do any of u hens have jobs

Lindsay said...

May I comment again....Whahuh??? Obviously anonymous doesn't have a job