Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sick to my Stomach

I have been cleaning my office the last couple of weeks. Every night I do a little bit. Last night I was looking through some old paperwork deciding what to shred and I came upon a gas receipt. In 2003 it cost me $28.00 to fill up my vehicle!!


Just the other day I filled up and it cost me close to $75.00. That is more than double the price in just 5 years!! Let me just give you a little history lesson here...

1986 - $1.00 per gallon
1993 - $1.30 per gallon
2003 - $1.50 per gallon
2008 - $3.90 per gallon

So we've got a 30% jump in 8 years, a 15 % jump in 10 years and then a 260% jump in the last 5 years??


You have got to be F#$king KIDDING ME!! Someone PLEASE, PLEASE drag George Bush and his oil friends (who have been making record profits by the way) out of power so perhaps we can get back to spending our money on things we need like groceries and utilities instead of GAS for our cars!!


kbreints said...

I think that was more like a math lesson? ha-- I know. SICK

Anonymous said...

You gotta make the money to own the money. Try to stop bitchin and spend ur time workin so u get the money, More time workn equals more money, less personal time on ur computers!

Lindsay said...

Please let me be the 1st to say......Whahuh????