Monday, January 26, 2009

Can I borrow your car?

On Wednesday after I picked Zack up from daycare I noticed that my car was sort of making a weird noise. After I fed the horses I noticed that the noise was getting worse and my transmission was also starting to slip.

So, bright and early Thursday morning I hauled my butt to the dealer and told them I thought my transmission was going out. I explained the problem and graciously accepted my ride in the courtesy shuttle to work. About 2:00 my phone rang. It was the woman from the dealership.

"Heather, I just wanted to call and tell you that you have some major engine trouble. It will be at least a couple of days before it is fixed."

Engine trouble... it's the transmission... NOT the engine...but whatever....

"They don't have it exactly diagnosed yet but it appears as if it should be covered by your extended warranty."

Half an hour later my phone rings again.

"I just wanted to call and let you know they have to replace the transmission. It will probably be first of next week before they can get it fixed. There is a $100 deductible on your extended warranty but other than that the rest is covered."

So, I borrowed my parents Tahoe, which they needed back on Saturday evening and I returned to them, in one piece and in full working order. I switched them for my mom's pickup. It was not so lucky.

Yesterday when I got out of the truck at the store I noticed that the defrost fan was still running. Odd... then I took the key out of the ignition, still running... more odd...

45 minutes later I came back to the truck... defrost fan still running. Ok, now something is definitely wrong here. Jake thought I was making it up, my friend Jess thought there's no way that can happen. Ahh... but this is me. And it can... and it DID!! So, since the fan wouldn't shut off it proceeded to promptly kill the battery. Good times!!

Jake jumped my car this morning and I drove it straight to the dealership. They said it is still under warranty and hopefully it can be fixed post haste or I'm not sure HOW I'm getting home tonight.

Anyone else have a vehicle I can drive??


kbreints said...

Not a chance... you are like the black widow of cars!

OMH said...

KB's reaction mirror imaged mine....but then I thought wait you at least seem to find the problems prior to the warranty expiring, where I usually find them within weeks of it's expiration so maybe I should loan mine - but then it came to how do I get the car to you from Texas.

So I guess I will have to pass.

Jen said...

I believe you on the defrost fan.

A reenactment:

I dial the phone
Me: Honey, I can't go to work, I can't make my car work.
Him: Why?
Me: Um, my car alarm is going off and it's loud and it disabled the car and I can't make it stop.
Him: You don't HAVE a car alarm
Me: walks outside with phone, demonstrates that there is, in fact, an alarm on the car. Somewhere. It is loud. No, apparently I do.

I'd had that car for 5 years and one day that happened. I'll believe anything.

Lori said...

What a bad luck/good luck story!

Thank goodness for the extended warranties.

Thanks for stopping by my Show & Tell today!

Jessica said...

You forgot to mention that your truck was done in five short hours and the car is still....oh wait....what is the status again?

Would you like my advanced vehicle knowledge full of insight?

Lynanne said...

Yikes! The great car god(dess?) must be sh!tting in your general direction these days. You could borrow our van but it's been a bit cantakerous in this cold weather. Maybe if you broke it for us, they could finally figure out what's wrong and actually fix it?