Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thank you... all of you for your show of support. It is AMAZING to me that so many people have come out of the woodwork to leave comments. Of course you say super secret anonymous blog and everyone wants in on that action!! :-)

Just a couple of house cleaning issues.

1) Blogger does not give me your e-mail address when you comment so you will need to leave it in the comments section or click on that link over there -----> and send me an e-mail

2) ArmyWifeandMom... see the above.....

3) AmyV... I have responded to your comment in the comments section of the previous post but just to reiterate his seizure in April was NOT... and I repeat NOT drug induced. He was drug tested at the hospital and passed with flying colors for all the spectra of drugs. Please get your facts straight before you make a comment like that because comments like that tend to hurt people's feelings and they also tend to make me, who is already on edge, just a TAD bit defensive and then I get ugly and angry and we just don't need that when I'm sure it was just a simple misunderstanding... k?

Alright... back to tax returns...


Amy said...

I do apologize, I understand drug abuse is very hard do deal with, little lone when children are involved. I certainly over stepped my bounderies and voilated his HIPPA rights and I am sorry for that. I assumed you knew more than you let on to know...I remember that night your husband came into the ER and soon after began reading into your life, we can only do so much here at night in the ER at that late hour before becoming very board...your family is on my mind alot. My hopes and prayers are with you and your child.

Heather said...


Do I know you IRL? I don't remember a lot of the people I saw that night, it was kind of stressful. If not how did you find me here?

I specifically made sure the doctors knew of his past drug abuse and that's why I wanted the drug tests when he was there. They came and found me as I was walking out just to tell me that all the tests were clean.

The seizure was because of PAST drug use, he destroyed his brain, but not current use at the time.

Thanks for reading!! E-mail me if you want to talk more. hamiltofamilycircus[at]yahoo[dot]com

Jessica said...

Am I reading this wrong or does Amy work at the hospital where Jake went that night?
If she does why in the heck is she clearly overstepping her boundaries without a welcome of friendship or support from you first.
I too was at the hospital that night and can reiterate everything Heather said as the truth as she knows it.
So if the doctors knew something they didn't tell her than she doesn't have all the facts but I doubt that is the case.

OMG - I am so dumbfounded right now.

Lynanne said...

Holey swiss cheese, that was way out of line. First, FWIW, it's HIPAA. Not to be harsh, Amy, but I'd highly suggest you bring yourself up to speed on patient confidentiality and professional ethics. Heather has good reason to complain to your supervisor.

(Heather - sorry to go off on this, but I think you know from my background that this sort of thing drives me a little nuts)

Lynanne said...
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Lindsey said...

I totally emailed Heather the exact same thing. WTF, IS THIS GIRL STUPID?!?!?!

Jen said...

Dude, it's total drama island in here, starring Amy.

I really hope that's a sick joke. Well, no I don't.

Honestly, I can't decide which is worse - a hospital employee who is THAT clueless (do they not have in-services?) and who also can't spell, OR a sick troll who is actually having fun screwing with someone who is dealing with a sick husband and trying (working hard! sacrificing! ever heard of it?) to keep her family together.

Brandy said...

Wow, I know I'm really late on this conversation but if that person does know you IRL Heather you should go to the hospital and report her. I know that sounds awful and harsh but that is a SERIOUS violation. If you have no need to be in a patients file, bored or not, you are NOT to be in it. That alone is a violation of HIPAA. I do have my doubts that she really works at the hospital given that she spelled HIPAA wrong but I've worked at doctor's offices and now a hospital for a few years and know that this can cause a facility MAJOR fines if they don't do something about it right away. Sorry that there are trolls like that around.

And and my email address is bloomgirl118ATgmailDOTcom.