Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Facts

Zackary did you see a baby pig at school today??


Was he pretty neat?

Yeah!! Don't pull his tail!! He cry!!


E...E...E... Eeefants eat peanuts.

They do? Elephants eat peanuts??


A...a...a...And Eeefants need bafff


Yeah... eeefants stinky!!


kbreints said... cute!

Jessica said...

At first I was insulted..."I saw a baby pig today" ??

All those animals were in the book we read and I taught him that Elephants eat peanuts! YEAH ME...YEAH SPIKEY!

Heather said...

Those were two different conversations from two different days. The pig was last Thursday. A farmer brought in a baby pig to school and when I asked him about it that is what he told me!

OMH said...

Didn't know your blog was educational! But I have learned 2 things today. .... Do not pull a pigs tail and Elephants need baths because they stink........Thanks Zacko I will remember these in the future!