Saturday, May 02, 2009

The 1st Anniversary....

It's late and I should probably go to bed but I have just been to a movie and had WAY more Mt. Dew than one person should consume in a week, let alone one evening so I'm a little wound for sound.

Did I tell you all that today is my birthday? (For the next 19 minutes anyway) and I have been thinking a lot today about these last 29 years. How did I get here and more importantly where the hell am I going?

A friend of mine wrote a list of 29 things about herself when she turned 29 last month and since I am in a place where I am deciding who I am and who I am not, I thought I would do something a little different... but a list just the same. So here goes.....

I have never:

1) Been arrested

2) Had a one night stand

3) Been Drunk

4) Smoked anything (Cigarettes or otherwise)

5) Taken any drug that was not prescription

6) Stolen anything (although there was one incident where I picked up a grape that had fallen on the floor and my mother THOUGHT I stole it but I swear... totally just picking it up to throw away. Who would steal a grape anyway??)

7) Been to Europe

8) Been to a Rock Concert

9) Been Para sailing (Or really anything that requires my feet to be off of the ground in such a manner that I could... oh I don't know... PLUMMET TO MY DEATH!!)

10) Had a picture of me taken in less than a bathing suit

I Have:

11) Given birth

12) Been to South America

13) Loved someone so much it hurt

14) Cried so hard I threw up

15) Laughed until I peed my pants

16) Traveled to almost all of the continental 48 states

17) Graduated from College

18) Passed the CPA on the first try

19) Made friends here with people I have never met

20) Discovered more about life in the last four months than I had in the previous 344 (yes that's months... yes I used a calculator)

I am:

21) A woman

22) A mother

23) A daughter

24) A sister

25) A single parent

26) An optimist

27) An animal lover

28) A true blue country fan

29) A person who is finally learning who they are and loving every minute of it

Thank you all for being here on the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday!! Here's to happy times ahead!!


KimN said...

Happy birthday!

Aunt Becky said...

Happy Birthday!

DD said...

Happy Birthday! Maybe now would be a good time to look at the "I never-s...", but skip the "arrested" one.

KK's Mom said...

Happy birthday, and CHEERS to happier times ahead of you!!!

kbreints said...

What a GREAT Post!!

Amanda said...

Happy belated birthday :)

Jessica said...

Here’s to Heather – 29 Things

1. 1 Lane Roads in a big black truck knocking on doors by merely rolling down the window!
2. Laughing hysterically outside the dressing room as only friends could.
3. Bomb Fires
4. Singing
5. All My Children
6. Playing Wii
7. Nights upon nights of Sequence and Taboo
8. “Yes Mam – What’s up”
9. Ya-Da-Ya-Da-Ya-Da
10. Cheesy fries just about anywhere.
11. Fighting like sisters!
12. Massages
13. Not friends at first impressions – thank god for second ones!
14. Taking the dogs swimming in the aquatic center.
15. Flying Kites
16. Catching Baby Raccoons!
17. Movies….Popcorn….and Pop – OH MY!
18. Dragging me to the “big cat” refuge.
19. Making you over in my bathroom.
20. Sitting up in my apartment living room for hours into the night talking and eating a pizza….each!
21. Hickory Park and bubble gum ice cream!
22. Decorating Spikes nursery!
23. Blogging and Texting
24. Making me car sick on our scavenger hunt.
25. Garage Sale-ing
26. You usually understand what I mean when I say what I don’t.
27. Detouring downtown in my new “ride” pulling over to watch fireworks.
28. Tuna and Noodles – are we the only ones that love it?
29. Laughing….Laughing so much I’ve cried….Laughing so much you’ve peed!

All the good times! Here’s to our 30th! Wahoo!