Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day One...

I will never survive. This is what I thought to myself as I had oranges and water for breakfast yesterday and corn and pears for dinner.

My two Challenges:

Eat a healthy breakfast
No carbs or only Healthy carbs for dinner and it has to be before 7:00pm

As an added bonus - 45 situps per day, 45 more each time I cheat

First of all, I think I need to shop. Secondly I think I need to cook. Thirdly... who the hell talked me in to giving up ANY control of what or when I eat?

I think the situps are going to be the easy part of this challenge. I could totally do 135 situps per day!! :-)


kbreints said...

yeah for you! Maybe I will try to match the challenge... without having anyone telling me too.... haha

Lindsay said...

Corn and Pears for dinner. Are you kidding me. Your going to die because you are not eating right. Where is your lean meat? I give you credit for the corn, not the best choice in vegetable but a vegetable to say the least. You can't starve yourself because you will actually put on weight because your body conserves energy when it is faced with starvation. Eat healthy but eat smart.

Jenn said...

Agreed with Lindsey. You have to eat or you will not lose an ounce. 5-6 smaller healthy meals a day. Count calories in and and calories burned. Don't set yourself up for failure by starving yourself. Just be smart... which I know you are. :)

Jessica said...

OH BOOO HOOOO...Listen to all these people you suckered into feeling badly for you. Notice Katie didn't fall for it though! LOL

First of all: I said a healthy breakfast and no pop until 9-10am or later. Healthy breakfast meaning not a chocolate candy bar washed down by a 20oz Mountain Dew. I gave you TONS of options such as: toast, eggs, breakfast bars, bacon, cereal, fruit, milk, yogurt etc.

Moving on to dinner: The challenge is to eat before 7pm with limited to no unhealthy carbs. I suggested she try to eat things in the most natural state she can find them meaning you could pick it up off the shelf and eat it or cook it and eat it. I fully realize she will not go to that extreme but to merely keep in mind how FAR Mac and Cheese or Cheetos and Pizza is from that concept.
Heather calls me last night and asks me if fishsticks are a healthy carb...ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I told her no and rather than doing sit-ups she chose to eat corn and pears.

BUT...we are working on planning supers and finding recipes she will eat that are quick and easy.

I commend you for taking me on in this challenge! You can do it!!!

You have changed so much in your life lately; throwing out the old seems to be a daily routine for you now. Go on throw out that bad eating lifestyle and welcome the new....I dare you! :)

Jennifer B. said...

Hi. I recently made some adjustments to my diet. I now have a protein every single time I have a carb and I generally limit myself to only complex carbs (I completely "detoxed" from simple carbs for about two weeks which was brutal - I was a basket case which proved I needed to get them out of the daily diet).

I also began to think of the carbs as side dishes vs. main courses (if I do have a carb I keep it to about the size of my palm).

I have been eating a half plate of veggies every day (lots of sugar snap peas from Safeway that are already washed and bagged but also lots of spinach).

I also allow myself up to 2 Dove DARK chocolates/day which I suck on - I find I can't eat nearly the quantity of dark chocolate that I can of milk chocolate and they have the added bonus of making me very thirsty so I usually chase them with a big glass of water.

Also, if I'm going to have something that is unhealthy I have it but I have only a few bites.

It is true that if you starve yourself you will not lose weight and you will totally mess up your metabolism. Better to just make eating healthy a habit and

These are the things that have worked for me and after about 2 1/2 months I have more energy, am sleeping better, have lost a healthy amount of weight (about a pound/week) and feel like this is my "normal diet" vs. my heavy carb diet from before.

I must say, though, that the hardest part at the beginning was figuring out WHAT DO I EAT! I felt like everything I had previously eating was "wrong" but I didn't know what was "right". Fortunately I am a person who is okay with eating the same food day in and day out and so I have some staples - especially in terms of snacks.

If you do this the healthy way you will achieve your ultimate goal. Starving yourself only leads to binges because the body must eat to survive.

You are rocking!

Jessica said...

Jennifer B....HELP! Sounds like you could give me some pointers. I am sort of on the same page with many of the recommendations you made but could always use more.

My email is: shaneandjess@gmail.com

Please?! :)