Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day OMG are we done yet...

So I think that yesterday was day three... I'm not sure because I wanted to give up on day one so one... three... it's all the same to me. I sort of eased into this slowly so last night was my first real night of sit-ups PLUS the 30 day shred.

Yeah... I suck. 1st of all... I am HORRIBLY out of shape so the sit-up's alone take me an ungodly amount of time. Then you add in the 20 minute video and I thought I was going to die by like minute 5. It's a good damn thing that none of my windows to the street were open because people would have gotten one hell of a funny looking show!!

My only real success last night was dinner. Parmesan Crusted Pork Loin and Corn. Yeah me... so at least that is one meal. Now... about the rest of the dinners for the next 4 months.... :-)

I was going to take before and after pictures but I'm pretty sure the before pictures might break my camera and it's a nice camera and it would be a shame to break it so you'll just have to take my word for it... horribly out of shape and needing to loose about 20- 30 pounds.

Let the fun continue....


Lindsay said...

You may want to look into places like "What's for dinner" or others that are in your area. They are places where you go and prepare the food, bag it and go home and stick it in your freezer and then you have a meal ready, just needs put in the oven each night. It will save you on time, it will be good meals and you can determine what you put in them. Allows you to try new things also. I don't think they are that expensive either. It would give you both a good meal.

Jessica said...

Don't forget breakfast...most important meal of the day!

I was proud of my nearly hour walk last night until I woke up this morning and stuffed my cheeks with two donuts smothered in maple.


Does AA take food addicts? I have NO control or coping skills.

Lindsey said...

Eat six small meals through out the day... it helps I've dropped 4 pounds since Saturday.
Load up on white string cheese sticks
cottage cheese
beef sticks
baby snap peas
they will fill you up.
Water water water water

KimN said...

I'm sitting here thinking, "sounds like fun" and I don't mean that sarcastically.

Of course in my defense, I'm sitting here on bedrest, 33+ weeks pregnant, and up 30+ lbs.

Diet and exercise always seems fun when there is no possible way you can do either.