Thursday, July 09, 2009

Waiting and Wondering

Today is my first day back at work. It is not going well. For 6 days my butt has been camped outside of her room or in her room. I was there for the doctor visits the nurse visits the updates if I wasn't in the room. I was in the loop. And God forbid there was a problem, I was there for that too.

Now, I'm here. My work is only 5 minutes from the hospital. I could be there if she needed me, but the fact of the matter is she probably doesn't. She was moved to a regular room yesterday. Her husband and one of my parents have been with her round the clock and will continue to be with her.

I'm just the sister. Yet I can't help feeling a bit lost today. I keep wanting to check the blog and then it dawns on me. I write the blog. There will be nothing new up there until I sit her down and teach her how to write on it herself and that will probably not be for another week or so. Preferably when she's on a bit less morphine. Although the state she was in when I saw her this morning might make for some interesting blogging!! :-)

So for now, I just have to trust that she is in good hands. I will go and check on her at lunch time and again tonight but at the end of the day, my baby sister isn't such a baby after all. She's been pretty tough through all of this. Probably stronger than I ever would have been and she's a fighter. I'm sure she will cross any hurdles that come up, even if I'm not there to stand behind her in case she falls.

If you want to keep following along her blog is:


kbreints said...

I was wondering how often you had made it into work-- I geuss you answered that :) It is nice that she is so close... but I am sure that you are going to feel like you are in a daze for a while.

Jessica said...

It is worse for those who love and have to sit back and wait and watch. She is in good hands and she is a crazy fighter. Don't feel guilty that you can't be there all the time. She knows you are there in your mind and heart!

Anonymous said...

Could you post the link to the page at the top of your page with the 'top' blog? I access you blog on a cellphone and it only remembers links I type in so I have to scroll farther every day and on the cellphone your side links are at the bottom. It would help me a lot!