Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The four wheeler is being sold at auction today. I have WONDERFUL friends and one of them just happens to work for an auctioneer and offered to try to sell it and not charge me a commission.

Last night I rounded up all of the paperwork and discovered that there is an extended warranty on the 4 wheeler that I can cancel within 60 days and get my money back. Today is day 57. That will at least be $500 that I can recap since we owe $4,400 on it and will be lucky to sell it for $3,000 every little bit helps.

This morning I called the dealership:

"Hi, I would like to talk to someone about canceling an extended warranty."

"Okay, that would be me. Is there a reason that you want to cancel?"

"Well the 4 wheeler is going to be sold. As it is I am already going to loose my ass on the sale so I thought I should at least try to get the money back out of the warranty."

"And is there any particular reason that you want to cancel the warranty instead of sell it with the warranty."

"Why actually yes. You sold a 4 wheeler to a drug addict while he was high and now he is in a treatment facility and I have to liquidate his assets. The guy who is helping me sell it doesn't think I can get an additional $500 for the warranty so I want to get my money back."


More silence...

"I'll get that processed for you right away."


Krista said...

Good, as a lawyer I would make sure I confirm that request in writing (a simple email would do) to make sure they don't delay and then tell you you missed the deadline.

And good for the DHS visit. I am glad it has put your mind at ease.

JMB said...

You know, sometimes hitting up idiots with the blank truth is just enough to get things done. I agree with Krista-get a follow-up in writing. If they blow it and don't get it done promptly, you've got a good paper trail.

I'm pulling for you!

MamaS said...

Hi Heather. Though this situation isn't funny in the least, I had to laugh a little at your response to the dealership guy. Good for you. I'm glad the DHS visit wasn't a big deal. I'm sure it's nice to have had the help with your house anyway; maybe you feel a bit more organized for it and I'm sure that is helping. I must say, I am SO impressed with how you are handling all that you are going through. Many years ago my ex-husband pulled some crap that wasn't nearly as challenging as what you are dealing with and I must admit that I was not even close to HALF as "together" as you seem to be (and I didn't have a newborn to care for, either!) I'm impressed. VERY impressed. I'm sure there are minutes, hours, days or even weeks when you feel like you are falling apart - and of course that's okay. Jake and Zack are so very lucky to have you. Loyalty such as yours isn't something that is easily found in people. I'm thinking of you...

Tink said...

I bet he'll never forget that call. *Snort*

I hope it sells for close to the bought price at least. You're doing good girl... Better than most.