Saturday, March 03, 2007

Time? What time?

What was that I was saying about hoping I have more time once I go back to work. HaHaHa!! I'm SOO funny!! This week has been really hectic!!

First off, Jake blew up his jeep (I know.. yes... AGAIN!!). He got it stuck in the snow and floored it in reverse and destroyed the transmission. He says that it was slipping when we bought it but I think that's just the excuse he gives me so I won't be so mad. So... on top of returning to work and adjusting to all of that we were also a one car family this week so I had to take him to work and pick him up.

Secondly, who knew it could take SOO long to get such a little person ready and out the door? I have to make sure I have bottles and milk and the breast pump and the extra clothes and my computer and get it all out to the car.

Oh yeah... and where is the baby, have to get the baby!!

My day starts a whole hour earlier than it used to and I still am late most days. It seems like something else always has to be done just when I think we are ready to go. Change the baby, feed the baby, oh crap he spit up... where is the burp rag? You get the point.

Finally when I actually DO make it to work I don't feel like I'm getting anything done. I'm pumping and even with the good double electric pump that process takes 15 - 20 minutes each time I do it. I have to unpack the pump, pump for 10 minutes, repack the pump, go to the kitchen and rinse out the pump parts and then return to my desk.

On top of all of that, Zack is going through a growth spurt. My mom just told me that he just ate 8 ounces for her. EIGHT!! I'm lucky if I get four in a pumping session and he is eating every 2 hours and I am only able to pump every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. So... needless to say we are going to either have to start giving this kid some formula or some cereal. I'm leaning towards the latter because I'm not real big on the formula factor right now. Not that I think it will hurt him, I just think if he's that hungry formula might not be the answer.

SO... needless to say things here are a little crazy. I really appreciate all of you checking in on me and sending me e-mails. It's nice to know that someone is out there missing me!! :-) Hopefully things will get regulated soon and I will be back to posting on a somewhat regular basis!!


kreints said...

I remember you scoffing at the time I got up in the morning.... now you can sympathize huh? Good lord - 8 oz at once - yikes!?