Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cross at your own risk

Dear Pedestrians:

I realize that you have the right of way but do you think that it is always smart to count on that as your sole reason for stepping into traffic without so much as a glance to see what is coming down the street?

Look, chances are I will make every effort to avoid hitting you (it just depends on the night I've had) but really... why tempt fate? After all I am going on VERY little sleep because last night my son decided to go to bed late and then get up twice in the night because he was just STARVING and I needed to feed him NOW!! So even though I may want to stop my reaction time may be a little delayed.

That said, no, a stop sign is not acceptable justification. See above explanation. Just because I have one doesn't mean I will see it or stop in time to avoid ending up half in the cross walk.

Finally, if there is a long line of cars and people continue to cross eventually one of us will get angry and forget that we are not in a video game where there are points given for each pedestrian. my paint job and your legs and just take 5 seconds to pause at the edge of the road and look both ways.

Thank you kindly,
Woman With Mild Road Rage


kreints said...

I second that!

spellconjurer said...

UH OH!!!!!!!! Sounds a bit like a video game for sure! I am very careful, I promise. Except when I am in England. Then I always look the wrong way, and end up yanked back by my friend, saved from a near flattening by a taxi.