Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Outside time

Last night I decided that I needed to take a little break and have some me and Zackary time. Jake has hit the angry stage in the treatment process and I think it has been as hard on me to have him be angry as it is on him to be there.

So, I left work at 5:00 and went to pick up Zack. I figured if anything could make me remember why we were doing this it would be him. Once we were home I decided to go outside and work on my flower beds. I have these flower things that came with the house and they are coming up so I want to try to clean out the dead debris before they get too large and it becomes harder.

So, outside Zack and I went. He has this outdoor play yard thing and it was 70 degrees so I figured the fresh air might be good for him. I started in at the west end of our flower bed and after about five minutes of listening to the dogs whine I decided to let them join us.

While I don't think the dogs would ever hurt Zack, they really haven't gained a lot in their depth perception so I really have to watch them lest they step on him or knock him around. So... first things first, Jack had to check to make sure Zack was alive and didn't have any stray food on his face:

Then Sadie had to take a look. She's a little calmer and didn't feel a good sniffing was really needed:

So, after I took the cute baby/dog pictures I went to put the camera down and was immediately drawn to something in our field. My mom had told me that they had brought some heifers down to our house but what she neglected to mention was what they had also brought down with the heifers. BABIES!! We have baby cows!! And they are ADORABLE!! Well after I was distracted I started taking pictures of the dogs and the cats to take to Jake and then of course some more pictures of Zack and a few of the new railing on the house and all of the picture frames in our house that my friend put pictures in. (Hey they had only been empty frames for three and a half years... what's the rush)

So... needless to say my valiant effort at cleaning up the flower bed did not get finished. BUT... I did manage to have a much needed relaxing evening. And that was what I needed most of all.


kreints said...

I am glad that you had time to do that. You have to be wearing thin with all that is going on on TOP of tax season!

stella said...

Good for you!! Never hurts to have some "me" time.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Good for you! Did Zack sleep good after being in the fresh air? When my were babies they always slept all night at one grandma's house (I thought it was because she just didn't hear them) then I noticed they slept all night after just spending an evening with them (were they bored?) nope it was the good ole fresh air - my in-laws always went outside for an hour or so when it was warm enough and would take the kids with them even as infants and walla they slept.

Tink said...

I watch the baby cows playing while stuck in traffic on my way to work. There's something contagious about their playfulness. It always makes me smile. How can you not? They're so dang cute!