Thursday, April 19, 2007

I have hacked in taking over Heather's blog all for this....

You are cordially invited for a

APRIL 21, 2007
Be ready at 10 AM.
WHY: Because you deserve it!
See you then!


Heather said...

Eeek!! I'm not sure I have enough rasors for that job!! That only gives me two days to shave... what with a 3 month old and all I'm not sure that is quite enough time.

Shane and Jessica Olson said...

Someone please help me with Control-atha before I duck tape her mouth, tie her hands behind her back and hall her away....
Here is what I was faced with after I so graciously planned something fun....

1. You are aware that visiting hours are from 1-5 right?

Yes I am aware of visiting hours, do I think you need to be there at 1 pm - NO, do I think it will kill Jake to wonder when you will get there - NO. Do I think that taking care of yourself and enjoying a little pampering will be good for you yes!

2. How long will this beautification process take?

Do you trust me? Then it doesn't matter. There are not clocks, there are not calenders, schedules or agenda's. Just a little bit of fun! Can you handle that?

3. What will I be doing with

Have faith....Like a very responsible "aunt" I have taken care of little Spikey!

4. How are we going to get any cleaning and door installation done if I'm busy being beautified?

I have been over at your house every night all week long cleaning. I am giving myself a vacation day. :)

5. Also... you want me ready at 10:00 or we have to be there at 10:00?

I want you ready to leave your house at 10 am.

6. Are you watching Zack or have you lined up a sitter for me?

I have lined up a sitter (hopefully); what fun would all this be by yourself?

7. What will they be doing at this super wonderful day of pampering?

That is the pleasure of a surprise. Something you don't have enough of in your life!

All of these questions came to me before I could even respond to one!

OH and NO you do not HAVE to shave but most people have a complex when they haven't so I thought I would suggest it for ultimate relaxation!

SO THERE! Any other questions?.....

stella said...

Just listen to Jess. She knows what she's doing. ;)
Leave the control at the door.

Kbreints said...

Oh I am so happy that she planned this for you. I was invited ans had to decline and work that day - UGH! I want to be there...

Advise: Just let go and will be fun and you are worth it!

Tink said...

Oh for Christ sake! Shut up Heather and just ENJOY it.

Sincerely your loving friend,