Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quick Update

My mom took Zack to our regular pediatrician this afternoon. His platelet count is down but his white blood cell count is slightly elevated so he thinks he probably has a viral infection of some sort.

As for why he's miserable, he thinks it has to do with his reflux. He has been spitting up A LOT lately which means he may not be keeping his medicine down like he should. SO... I'm going to move his medicine to 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after he eats to make sure he gets it to stay down. We are also going to thicken his bottles a little more with cereal to keep it down a little more.

As for the quack doctor, Zack's doctor just shook his head. He said he has heard things about this guy before. He just spouts out random diseases and then sends parents on their way. He also wrote arthritis in Zack's chart because of his neck.

So... hopefully we will be back to our happy self soon!!