Thursday, June 21, 2007


"Hi can I please speak with Heather Hamilton"

Damn... number I didn't know... I KNEW I shouldn't have answered. How'd they get my cell phone anyway?

"Heather this is so and so from Verizon."

Ahh... of course they have my cell number

"Are you aware that there is a $250 balance on your account?"


"I would be happy to take care of that today with a payment from your checking account or your Mastercard or Visa."

If I had the money don't you think I would have paid the bill in the first place?? I've had this phone for 10 years, I think I know how these things work!!

"Actually, I don't have that money right now. That's why I've been paying extra on my bill. As you can see I've been making payments about every two weeks and the amount is down from when I started. I just had one very large month a little while ago."

"Well I would be happy to set up a payment plan with you."

"Ok, but I have been paying extra on my bills."

"Well I just want to advise you that your cell phone could be turned off and then you could be subject to a reconnection fee."


"Alright, thank you, goodbye."

Mmm Hmm... and the point of that call was? So if you call me and get the this phone has been temporarily disconnected you will know why. Have no fear though, I'm pretty confident that they are not going to shut off the phone as long as I continue to make payments. They will just have to be patient.