Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Still Here

Well... what a bummer post I left you sitting on for 11 days. Sorry about that. I've been kind of busy. Work has been a little crazy and I'm still (I know it's been 2 1/2 months) trying to get things into a rhythm at home.

It just seems like every time I get things in working order Zack goes and changes on me. Now that he is eating solid foods (well watered down versions of them anyway) and taking baths in his big boy bathtub (all of this is on his site.. I updated it last week) my evenings take a little longer.

Every day that I do this I have more and more respect for single moms. I literally get nothing done between the time I get home from work (6:30) and the time he goes to bed 8:00 besides tend to his needs. After that I'm so exhausted who has time for anything else??

Hopefully once the estimated tax deadline is over (Friday) I will have some more time at work to update this site and maybe take some time off to get some things done at home.

One can always hope anyway.....


Tink said...

Being a Mom is a full time job...

On top of having a full time job.

You have ever right to be exhausted!

Kbreints said...

I am with you on the exhaustion part hon-- Dan was not home last night and today I was DRAGGING... I don't know how you do it!

Anonymous said...

It gets easier! For real!! Hang in there; I swear, it will. You're doin' great!

DH works nights 5pm-2am, so I am a single mother essentially, five nights a week. And a single mother in the mornings, too, since he gets home at 3/4am, so he's still sleeping when I wake up.

The key for us has been *Routine*! Homework at 4pm; backpack ready for the next day before bathtime; bath at 7pm. Bed at 8pm. Up at 7am; eat and get dressed and teeth brushed by 7:30; Once the kids could participate in the afternoon and morning duties, it helped. Once they could read, it was even better: a chart on the fridge with stickers for morning chores like brushing teeth, combing hair, etc.. All the daily routines make it so much easier on everyone.

And I don't care what anybody told me; I think the BIGGEST turning point in a kid's life/mom's life is when the kids can wipe their own butts! Once they are THAT independent, it is 100% easier than it is now, when he's a baby. Hang in there!

Kbreints said...

I have to agree - routine is key! When Ig et out of one... it messes eveything up!