Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our weekend with Jake

So, Zack and I went and visited Jake this weekend. The 24 hours that we were together were good. We were greeted with the hair, which we discussed earlier, and which against my better judgement I am kind of starting to like. Then, we went out to dinner on Saturday night and then went back to the hotel and fed Zack. He has to have a schedule of when he is doing what throughout the day so we had some time from 6:30 - 8:00 scheduled to swim.

As I was getting Zack ready to go Jake looked at me with concern. "Is it okay to take him in the pool? Aren't we supposed to wait an hour after he eats?" This made me laugh, for a couple of different reasons. Number one because that is a wives tale, and number two because I found it pretty sweet that he was so concerned with his safety.

We only swam for about 20 minutes before Zack started getting fussy. Generally in the evenings is not his best time so we took him back to the room and gave him a bath. I let Jake do it and he kept commenting on how he doesn't know how I do it, he gets so slippery and he's so squirmy. It was nice to be acknowledged for what I do but it was also at that time when I began to realize just how much Jake is missing. Not just the large things but the every day little things.

Zack was asleep by about 7:30 and we had decided to watch a little TV when I noticed a moth flying around the room. I asked Jake to take care of it because I didn't want it landing on Zack. What followed was moth-a-palooza 2007. Jake killed one, than two than about 4 more. He thought he had them all and had just began to fall asleep when I looked up.

On the ceiling were 5 or 6 more moths. I mentioned something to Jake and he was like, "I'm almost asleep, they won't hurt you just shut off the TV and ignore them." However, as I watched there were more and more and more. It looked like a scene out of a bad horror movie.

Finally I jumped out of bed and headed for the door. I told him I was going to get a janitor or someone because I was not sleeping in there. That is when he opened his eyes and realized what was above him. When we checked into the hotel they had told us that they were full so we figured the chances of getting another room were probably pretty slim. Especially another room with a fridge and a microwave for Zack's milk.

Also, as any of you with small kids will attest to, you kind of move into any place you visit so the thought of moving all of our stuff and possibly waking Zack up in the process did not really appeal to us.

So, Jake decided to begin extermination fun. I went and grabbed a plastic bag so I could take our new winged friends up to the front desk once we were done. Over the course of about a half an hour he proceeded to kill 30 or so moths. When I took them up to the front desk I don't think the girl there was really sure what to think.

She did offer to switch us rooms once she realized what we were dealing with but we politely declined stating our previous thoughts. So they gave us a $30 discount on the room. Which isn't a great deal but was better than nothing.

Once I got back to the room Jake ended up killing 3 or 4 more before we were finally able to drift off to sleep with their one lone companion still drifting around the room.

In the morning Zack was awake and chipper at his usual 5:00 wake up time. He laid in bed with us for a little while before getting kind of fussy. I took him and laid him next to me where he went to sleep until about 6:30. At that point he had decided that it was time to awaken for the day so that's what we did.

After we got him fed we went to the continental breakfast which was actually really good. They have waffles, so that was what clenched it for me. Then after breakfast we lounged around until swimming time at 10:30.

This time Zack did really good in the pool. He would kick his legs the whole time he was in the water so it looked like he was swimming. (The video is on his site.) He also got a big kick out of splashing in the water. We were in the pool for about 45 minutes before he decided enough was enough.

When we got back to the room we tried to feed him but he wanted no part of it. He was SOO tired from the pool that he just wanted to go to sleep. Jake and I also took a nap after lunch and the rest of the afternoon was just spent lounging around in the room.

All in all it was a very good time. Way too short but a nice start to spending quality time as a family again.


Jen said...

How great! Isn't the ordinary extraorinary? Wow, it sounds like you had a really great time. What a good memory to share. Kinda the start of something new, maybe.

I think you are doing great with Zack. He won't remember money trouble or messy living rooms; he'll remember that his parents loved him and that he felt safe and sound and happy as a kid.