Saturday, January 26, 2008

Inbox Perusing

For your reading enjoyment this morning I present to you some of the actual contents of my inbox. Don't worry... if you are dying to get your hands on any of these I can forward them to you at no extra charge!! :-)

(And yes... I am spelling them and putting in the spaces, or lack there of, exactly as they came to me...)

  • PlumpingShlongGilda
  • PenisWide-rangingGeorgia
  • Viiagra 50mg x 30 piils = 60.95
  • Today think over your male organ size.
  • Girls like when you have big male device
  • The Dance of Love
  • your wife/girl will SCREAMMM!! claim our 7-inchesPenis here
  • Deep Discount Vicodin & Hydrocodone From Certified Pharmacy
  • you can have a 7-inches longPenis, how to archive? read more here
  • affordable prices rolex
  • Re:Fwd:looking for meds?

Need I continue? Really... I opened up my inbox today and I had 45 messages. And only 4 of them were real messages. That's FORTY ONE spam messages in a 12 hour period. This is ridiculous!!

Who actually gets one of these e-mails and says YES... that is just what I have been waiting for!! I needed a rolex/oxycodone/7 inch schlong!! How did you know??

Am I the only one that has this problem? Perhaps inputting my name and e-mail into Ad*lt Friend Finder wasn't a good idea?? (Have you seen Because I Said So? Very cute movie by the way...)


Anonymous said...

I had that problem as well. What did I do to correct it? Well, at the bottom of most of those emails there's an unsubscribe. I never subscribed but when you unsubscribe many of them stop as many are from the same companies. Hope that helps!

Heather said...

That's interesting that your SPAM got worse. My IT guy told me that a lot of those companies just use the unsubscribe to verify that you have a valid e-mail and then will send MORE spam your way.

Heather said...

So... I went and checked about 5 of them for unsubscibes...

Yeah... nothing. Apparently my spammers are not that nice!! :-)

Kbreints said...

My question is... what websites are you perusing to be getting these emails?? haha

Becky said...

I get them, too. And I've never replied to them, but sometimes they do crack me up.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Gosh! yes I too have the very same problems here in Australia & don't forget the ones asking you to correct a banking detail :(

Anyway I came in to simply say hello! as I dropped in when typing Hamilton the town as a blog search and up you popped.

I loved the huge read about the party and how wonderful you having a 1 year old darling son. I have 9 wonderful darling grandchildren all under the age of 7 and have had one birthday already this year. my husband and I are truly blessed.

Was nice visitng hope to see you on my blog. best wishes.


OMH said...

Gotta say I didn't even know you had Schlong Heather. HEHEHE I get them in my work email as well as my personal one. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

J said...

OK, going to attempt to make a video along the lines that you did from all those pics you scanned (can't find the post where you put the video up here). My question is, what program did you use (Picasa? MS Moviemaker?) and is it easy to do?

Heather said...


I used Roxio My DVD 9 and also a program that comes with it called Video Wave. It was pretty easy. I downloaded a couple of other free programs to edit my songs.

E-mail me if you want more specifics. hamiltonfamilycirus[at]yahoo[dot]com


P.S. You can't find the video post because I took it down. It's still on his personal blog though.