Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Life

So... it's 11:00 PM and I'm at work.

I'm just getting ready to leave but have no fear, I shall return at the wonderful hour of 6:30 AM tomorrow.

Admit it, you are jealous... you want my life right??


Kbreints said...

Just think about the summer and the extra days that you will have with your boy then... focus on that.

Anonymous said...

ok i'm kind of stupid when it comes to numbers and stuff like that and i don't even know if you help with stuff like this but i have a question. what's the best way to find out what your credit score is? i know its not tax related, at least i don't think. basically both my fiance and i went through financial hardship about 2-3 years ago and want to have a house bought by our wedding which is the end of this summer, but i'm afraid to apply for fear that our credit scores might still suck. i don't want to try one of those free credit report things because they force you to join some credit monitoring service a friend of mine did that and it took her over 6 months to cancel it. do you or any of your readers know more on this than i do?

Jessica said...

I know alllllllll about it! You can email me at so I have your email address and I will email you. My uncle is a financial consultant and my brother-in-law has lots of experience with credit and collections. Maybe my sister-in-law will post a comment to help you a little.

Jessica said...

PS: Heather is perfectly capable of helping you but she is really busy right now...I on the other hand have a minute to email you what I know and then you can go from there.

Kbreints said...

Real Simple-- if you want to find out what your credit or any other or the many credit agencies that you can google. However if you are wanting to buy a house, the best thing for you to do it find a trusted lender-- Bank, Mortgage brokers-- people of that sort- and they will begin the sometimes LONG process of pre-aproval. They will let you know what you need to do to aprove your credit-- who to call, where to start. They will help you through that jorney, b/c they want to lend you money. They will not charge you anything to do it-- they get the kick back from the lender when they DO lend you money.

Good luck!